Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey commented, 'It was right to ban President Trump permanently.'

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted that 'it was the right decision for social networks' about Twitter's announcement that it would permanently freeze President Donald Trump's account.

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On January 9, 2021, Twitter announced that it would permanently freeze President Donald Trump's official Twitter account, '@realDonaldTrump.' The same year in January the Capitol Building Trump presidential supporters to attack in the six day event has occurred, that the tweets Trump President there is a possibility to induce further violence, it is shown as the reason for the permanent freeze treatment I did.

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'Is our decision correct?' Asked Dorsey, 'I think (permanent freeze on President Trump's account) was the right decision for Twitter. We're unusually accepting it. Faced with a difficult situation, we had to focus everything on public safety. As a result of our online speech, the reality was harmed, and we said, 'Anyway, policy. We should enforce it. ”He emphasized that Twitter's decision was correct.

Dorsey admitted that Twitter failed to 'promote sound communication,' and said it needed to be critical of the contradictions between Twitter's policies and enforcement and to increase moderation transparency. It was.

This is the first time Dorsey has mentioned on Twitter about his actions against President Trump. While Twitter's decision was correct, Dorsey said the ability of a company to ban one user's account 'destroys the noble purpose and ideals of the open Internet. The business of controlling itself. The decision is different from the government blocking access, but it looks the same as a result, 'he tweeted.

Finally, CEO Dorsey said, 'Our goal at this moment is to disarm us as much as possible, aiming for greater common understanding and more peace,' which will take place on the Internet. He argued that global dialogue was the best and best option.

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