Twitter's DM finally abolished the 140-character limit

From July 2015 the Twitter direct message 140 character limit will be removedAlthough it was said, "People who checked the direct messages today will notice that something is gone", so that on August 12 th local time, the character limitation finally disappeared from the direct message Was announced.

Removing the 140-character limit from Direct Messages | Twitter Blogs

Direct messages are a private tool to exchange messages with specific people, as opposed to tweets being official tools that send words to many people. Therefore, from the idea that "I want you to raise the conversation more thanks to the millions of postings made on Twitter, it is said that the limitation of the direct message character has been removed. Starting with this change in specifications, Twitter is planning to deepen its aspects as a private tool in the future. In addition, the 140-character limit of Tweet is ongoing unchanged.

In the official account on Twitter, "Direct message can now exceed 140 characters, express yourself with long sentences and please become poetic", many people said that the specification change is "wonderful" Although I have commented on it, on the other hand, there seems to be some people saying "I tried it with an application but 140 character limit was attached".

Actually checking with the iOS application, it seems that the restriction has not been abolished with the text "140" still in the text field ... ...

If it is abolished, the letter 140 disappears as follows.

So long messages that had to be split and sent must be sent in one direct message at once.

In addition, when I confirmed the browser version Twitter, the character "140" was gone. Specification change of the direct message has started with browser, iOS application, Android application, TweetDeck, Twitter for Mac and it will take over several weeks.

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