Finally the upper limit of the number of characters on Twitter is increased, and the user name and image URL will not be included in 140 characters


On Twitter, there is a limitation of "the number of characters per tweet is 140 characters", but it was announced to change the way of counting the number of characters within a few months. By not counting the reply tweet "@ user name" and URL of the image to 140 characters, it will change to a specification that can post longer messages.

Upcoming schedule: to make more use of 140 characters | Twitter Blogs

Coming soon: express even more in 140 characters | Twitter Blogs

On Twitter, we announced that we will change the limit on the number of characters in tweets, so that "Users can use Twitter more conveniently". Specifically, when replying tweet "@ user name" displayed at the beginning of the tweet, photos, movies, GIF,VoteAnd cited tweets and other attachments will not be included in the 140 character limit of the number of characters.

Also, until now, if you want other followers to see the reply tweets, you had to add a period like ". @ User name" at the beginning of the tweet, but in the future even if the reply tweets are without a period Like ordinary tweets, it is displayed on the follower timeline. In addition, to make it easier to retweet or quote your tweets, specification changes will be made so that the retweet button will appear on your tweet as well.

The above changes will be implemented sequentially within a few months.

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