Twitter relaxes the 140-character limit, photos, movies, GIFs, polls, etc. will not count to 140 characters

We have finally started relaxing the 140-character limit that Twitter had previously announced. From now on, photos, movies GIF, voting etc. will not be counted as 140 characters.

It was possible to attach photos, GIFs, videos, live broadcasts, votes etc to the tweets, but attached items were counted as letters.

However, attachments such as photographs, GIFs, movies, live broadcasts, voting will no longer be counted as characters, and 140 characters will be available for full text.

Even with a picture attached, you can see that "140" is displayed in the lower right, and the photo is not counted as a character.

When you enter a sentence, the number of remaining characters that can be entered decreases.

Even if you quote a tweet ......

It will not be counted as 140 characters.

Up to now it was necessary to enter sentences carefully about the limit of number of characters, but from now on, it seems that it is possible to cram them into 140 letters without worrying about the number of characters.

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