It turned out that the 140-character limitation is eliminated from Twitter's direct message


Twitter has a function called direct message (DM) for enjoying private conversation among users besides the usual tweet displayed on the timeline. DMOut of Follow AccountYagroupAlthough it is also possible to exchange in, there is a limitation that it can only transmit up to 140 letters at a time like a normal tweet. It was revealed that the 140 character restriction which was established in such DM will be abolished in July 2015.

Removing the 140 character limit from Direct Messages - Announcements - Twitter Developers

To use DM please log in to Twitter account and click "Message" at the top of the screen.

The screen for sending DM is displayed.

DM can be sent to multiple people at the same time, but the number of characters that can be sent at once can be as much as 140 characters as in ordinary tweets.

However, it will be discovered within Twitter's official developer community that the 140-character restriction placed on Twitter's DM will be abolished. I revealed this as a DM product manager on TwitterAgarwalMr. To make it easier for developers to respond quickly, it seems they first talked about specification changes within the community.

Agarwal said, "I'd like you to consider adding the following new APIs" "If you update the GET request you will be able to receive the full DM," "I'd like your application UI to be compatible with long DMs as well" We also have an API to be updated.

DM read endpoints (GET direct_messages,GET direct_messages / sentAndGET direct_messages / show)
Send "full_text = true" as a query parameter to receive long DM text. If this parameter is not provided, you will get a truncated version of the DM. There will be no structural changes to the response returned by these endpoints.
DM write endpoint (POST direct_messages / new)
The "text" parameter will start accepting text longer than 140 characters. The new limit for DMs will be 10 k characters.

· Streaming API
User Streams (GET user) And Site Streams (GET site) Will automatically start receiving DMs that have text longer than 140 characters. Unlike the REST API, no additional parameter is needed. There will be no structural changes to the objects returned by these endpoints.

Agarwal says that there will be no limit on the number of characters from DM, but we do not expect that the number limit will be removed from the tweet itself.

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