Start testing of functions that limit 'who can reply to tweets' on Twitter

Announced in January 2020, the Twitter official blog is testing the

option to decide who can reply to a tweet on Twitter.

Testing, testing ... new conversation settings

Test new ways to join a conversation

This option is introduced for the purpose of 'making the conversation more manageable'. For example, in the case of tweeting two acquaintances with @, tapping where 'Everyone can reply' is possible ...

'Everyone', 'People you follow (only the accounts you follow)' and 'Only people you mention (@ Tweeted accounts only)' are displayed.

At this time, if you select '@ tweeted accounts only' ...

Only the person who sent the mention can reply. This will prevent you from 'thinking you're talking to a specific person, but you're getting a reply from an unrelated person.'

This option can be used on any of iOS, Android, and web versions, but first it is said that it has been introduced only in the environment of some users. Only a limited number of people can reply, but anyone can do it just by looking at it, so it is necessary to continue using the DM function etc. for conversations that should be done only with the inner ring.

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