Enhanced DM search on Twitter, upgraded to be able to search conversation content by keyword

Twitter has upgraded its direct message (DM) search feature to allow you to search for conversations by keyword. This allows you to search past conversations with just keywords, without having to remember who the conversation was with.

Twitter's DM search will finally actually help you find conversations --The Verge

The DM already had a search feature, but until now you could only search for conversations by user's name.

With this update, you can now search for DM by keyword. If you enter a keyword in the input field at the top of the DM screen, three types of search results will be displayed: 'Account', 'Group', and 'Message'. Of these, 'Message' corresponds to the keyword search result of the conversation content.

This new search function can be used not only for iOS and Android apps, but also for the web version. In addition, according to the IT news site The Verge, although it is possible to search back to quite old messages, it is not possible to search all, so messages before 2019 are included in the search results with the verified account. I heard he couldn't.

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