Cryptocurrency developer appointed as project leader for Twitter's decentralized social media open standard 'BlueSky'

Twitter has announced that Jay Glover, who has worked on the development of Zcash , a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses zero-knowledge proofs to ensure anonymity, has been appointed project leader for Bluesky , an open standard for decentralized social media announced by Twitter in December 2019.

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Bluesky is a project to develop a protocol that will allow any social media service to use content from a variety of sources. When completed, services that incorporate Bluesky will be able to share content with each other.

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On August 17, 2021, it was announced that Jay Glover had been appointed project leader of bluesky. Glover revealed that the next step will be to hire new members to the bluesky team and to work closely with Twitter and other companies.

Since Bluesky was announced in December 2019, few concrete developments have been revealed, but Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey described Bluesky as 'my biggest focus' at the Bitcoin Conference held in July 2021, and it is expected that activity will become more active with Glover's appointment as project leader.

As one example of the growing movement, Glover said he has created a Discord channel for the community, and he has posted tweets encouraging people to join in the wider discussion about bluesky.

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