App 'Damus' based on decentralized SNS 'Nostr' supported by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey was discovered to have been threatened by Apple saying 'If you do not stop bitcoin tipping function, it will be deleted'

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has invested tens of millions of yen in distributed network protocol '

Nostr 'The SNS application that adopted ' Damus 'is. However, Damus said that `` zaps '', a bitcoin tipping function installed in Damus, violates Apple's guidelines for selling digital content, and Damus said to Apple, ``If you do not update to comply with the guidelines within 14 days, Remove the app from the platform' was warned.

Damus must tweak BTC tipping feature to stay on App Store, social platform's creator says - Blockworks

The Block: Apple will remove Damus app unless it drops Bitcoin tipping feature

Jack Dorsey's Damus may be thwarted by Apple's strict payment rules

Nostr is a decentralized network protocol developed to build a censorship-resistant global SNS, and it is also known that Jack Dorsey helped fund development. One of the applications that implemented such Nostr as a protocol is a simple application like Twitter specializing in text transmission 'Damus'is.

Damus claims to be ``a more private and secure SNS than Twitter,'' private messages are end-to-end encrypted, and account creation does not require a phone number, email address, or real name registration.

Such Damus has introduced a function 'zaps' that allows users to send bitcoins within the application. However, Apple points out that this zaps does not go through the in-app billing mechanism and is against the guidelines established for the in-app billing mechanism . Apple has warned Damus, ``If you do not respond to the guidelines within 14 days, we will delete the app from the App Store.''

Regarding zaps, Apple recognizes that ``it is a function that allows users to make Bitcoin donations in connection with receiving content from digital content creators.'' Furthermore, he points out, ``There is no problem with installing functions such as tipping and donations in the app, but if such actions lead to receiving Digitel content, it is necessary to use the in-app billing mechanism.''

On the other hand, Damus developer Walker told Apple, ``Damus content is posted to Nostr via many clients and is completely free for anyone to use, so users can get content from digital content creators. I'm not receiving it, the user is not paying for the content by making a tip, please correct the mistake.'

Dorsey also said, ``Tips for posts are feedback, not sales of digital content. Why do you restrict people from sending bitcoins to each other? It's an important system that we can build that will ultimately pay off tremendously for Apple.'

``Apple seems to have misunderstood how zaps works and the purpose of zaps,'' Dorsey said. ``Zaps is indispensable for the future of the Internet, and can involve people all over the world in economic activities without going through traditional gatekeepers,'' said Apple's CEO Tim Cook to reconsider. I'm looking for

About the future of zaps, Dams said, ``Currently, users can make a tip for each post, but according to Apple, this feature is considered 'sale of digital content.' We plan to place buttons.' On the other hand, he expresses dissatisfaction that 'Damus will be quite inconvenient, but it is still possible to do zaps'.

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