We found out that the share of Windows XP which remains only one week remaining until support is still high

ByTimothy Tsui

On Japan time on April 9, 2014,End of Windows XP supportTo do. It is clear that this OS, which has gained high support since the release of 2001, has secured a share of 27.69% even now before the end of support.

One week before supports ends, Windows XP still installed on 27.69 percent of PCs - Neowin

Windows 7 Outgains Windows 8 and 8.1 Again, Windows XP Above 27%

We investigate and disclose the market share of OS and browser of PC and mobile terminalNetMarketShareAccording to the survey, the OS market share ratio in March 2014 is as shown in the graph below. According to the graph, OS with the highest share is Windows 7, its market share is 48.77%, followed by 27.69% of Windows XP.Share of February 29.53%Although it has gradually come down from, it is surprising that it still has XP installed on each of 4 PCs.

Also, although Windows 8 and 8.1 are steadily expanding their market share,Windows 8.1 can be updated free of charge from Windows 8If you compare the two shares, 8 is 6.41% and 8.1 is 4.89%, you can also see that many users continue to use Windows 8 without updating to 8.1.

General Windows XP users will not be able to receive XP support from April 9th, but banks, the US government, and others will continue to support Windows XP, from Windows XP you are currently using to a new version of Windows You will pay a large sum of money to Microsoft so that you can receiveNeowinI'm reporting.

The share rate of Windows Vista is only 2.99%.End of support in April 2017Although it is Vista that has been decided, here is no worry about anything.

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