Windows 8 pulls out Windows Vista by desktop PC OS share

ByJavier Aroche

Windows 8We have tripled market share in one month since the general release on October 26, 2012Although it has expanded its power almost smoothly, according to a survey of, it said that as of June 2013 it exceeded the share of Windows Vista.

Desktop Operating System Market Share

As a result of the June survey, Windows 7 (44.37%) ranks No. 1 in OS share. In a survey of August 2012Unplug XPEver since I was at the top, I kept keeping the leaders without forgiving me as I expected. The second place is Windows XP (37.17%) overtaken by 7, although even though it has been withdrawn, there is still a big difference below the third place, accounting for 80% of the share of Windows 7 and XP alone.

And the third place is Windows 8 (5.1%), the latest Windows. Windows Vista was 4.62%, and it was finally gone through. Besides that, the fine figures are like this.

Looking at the trend of market share over the past six months, Windows 7 is getting ridiculous indeed, and XP and Vista are gradually decreasing their proportions, and Windows 8 is catching up steadily.

Desktop Top Operating System Share Trend January, 2013 to June, 2013

If you only graph Windows Vista, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.8, you can feel the growth of 8.

Usability was improved on June 27, 2013Windows 8.1 preview version releasedSo it may be that we will be accelerating a bit more to change to Windows 8 in the future.

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