Share of Windows 8 / 8.1 surpassed 10%, Browser is rapidly moving on IE 11

The latest market share of OS / web browser was announced, the OS share of Windows 8 / 8.1 exceeded 10%, and Internet Explorer (IE) also increased the market share. Detailed market share including desktop and mobile terminals is as follows.

Windows 8.x breaks 10 percent, Internet Explorer 11 makes a splash | Ars Technica

Overall browser share (whole world)
Approximately 50% of the IE accounts for the share of the Web browser combined with the PC / mobile terminal in December 2013, followed by Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Desktop PC browser share (whole world)
Desktop PC browser share in December 2013 is the top leader with IE of 57.91%, but it has dropped 0.45% share slightly since last month. While Firefox · Safari · Opera is also losing market share, Chrome is the only one that has increased its market share.

Although IE has declined its share in December, it is recovering its market share by 3.14% in one year, and it can be said that it is escaping from the dark from the middle of the 2000s.

Mobile terminal browser share (whole world)
Safari ranked first in the mobile terminal browser, but the share in December 2013 decreased by 0.61% from the previous month. In contrast, the Android standard browser has recorded an increase of 1.37%.

In the year of 2013, while Safari, Opera Mini, BlackBerry are declining their market share, the Android standard browser increases 3.33%, Chrome 7.68%, and it is increasing the market share. The rapid rush of Chrome's latter half means that the release of Android 4.x was put behind schedule later than it was scheduled.

Chrome version · share
The most used version of Chrome as of December 2013 is the latest "31". However, the evaluation versions "32" and "33" before the official release also occupy a certain share.

Version share of Firefox
Firefox has a slightly more "25" than the latest version "26". Even here, the evaluation version has a certain share.

Version share of IE
The latest version of "11" is on the rise, IE has tripled in December 2013 from the previous month.

OS share (whole world)
The share of Windows 8 / 8.1 rapidly expanded in Windows, which accounts for approximately 90% and the share of Dantotsu. The share of Windows 8 showed an increase of 0.23% even in December 2013 because the PC preinstalled Windows 8 rather than Windows 8.1 is also supplied to the market. Windows XP still maintains a high share,Microsoft's speculationIt seems that things are not carrying on the street.

Support for Windows XP that does not correspond to the latest IE 11 will be terminated on April 9, 2014.

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