Revealed that Firefox finally passed Microsoft with global browser share

Google Chrome accounts for the majority of desktop browsers now, and it is gradually expanding its power more and more, but in the second place after that, Firefox keeps up with the rival Internet Explorer that sharpened the outrage, and overtakes It became clear that it was.

Firefox edges out Microsoft globally for first time in browser wars | StatCounter Global Stats

Firefox tops Microsoft browser market share for first time | Ars Technica

This is what StatCounter revealed for a long time continuing to investigate browser share. It is a figure derived from the hit number of 3 million sites using StatCounter, and it is regarded as one measure.

According to this data, from February to April 2016 Chrome continued to increase slightly, 59% → 60.1% → 60.5% Behind it, Microsoft's browser (Internet Explorer & Edge) lowered the number from 16.6% to 15.8% to 15.5%. In the same way, Firefox lowered the number from 16.1% to 15.7% to 15.6%, but since it was small, the data of April 2016 finally exceeded the browser of Microsoft at the end.

The graph on the desktop share is like this. Green for Chrome, Orange for Firefox, Blue for IE, Gray for Safari, Red for Opera, and dotted lines for other browsers. As you can see from this graph, from September to October 2015, Firefox pulled IE once, but it was reversed, reunited in January 2016, and it is overtaken. The number of IE does not contain the Edge installed from Windows 10, and it has kept it above "Firefox" as "Microsoft's browser share", but it was finally pulled out in April 2016 .

StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

As for the transition to this point, before 2009, it was a composition that "Firefox steals the fight by challenging the battle for the Internet Explorer that had been solidly over half a majority share over the long term", but in 2009, Google Just as Chrome came out, Firefox will gradually reduce its market share, as IE shares are slashing down the slope.

Between 2011 and 2012, Chrome first pulled out Firefox, followed by IE and jumping to the top of the browser, keeping the share steady as it is. Although both IE and Firefox continue to reduce shares, Firefox has a smaller dropout width, so I was able to get over Microsoft by stepping on.

The share of the whole browser including mobile also looks like this. Chrome runs over 47% and Safari runs at less than 13%. Although Firefox has bite into 3rd place, the high-speed browser "UC Browser" made in China is blooming from behind and this pace seems to be overtaken in May or June.

StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

If you look at the browser share on the desktop only to the United States, there are large openings because IE is 21.83% and Edge is 3.37% and total is 25.2% and Firefox is 13.44%.

StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

This situation is the same in the UK. IE is 16.62%, Edge is 5.16%, totaling 21.78%, Firefox 13.6%.

StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

Among them, there may be a big change in whole OS and hardware, and the era of Chrome may be over, but it seems that the situation will remain so far.

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