The number 1 of the most used OS still remains Windows XP

On October 22, 2009 "Windows 7Since it was released, it will soon be one year, but it seems that the first popular version of Windows still remains "Windows XP".

Details are as below.
Windows XP Still The Most Widespread Windows OS |

A graph showing the market share of Windows itself and a graph showing the share of each version in the Windows below. When looking at all OS, Windows XP still maintains nearly 60%, when looking only with Windows, nearly 70% of Windows users, roughlyAbout 66%I am still using Windows XP.

This graph is based on data released by Net Applications, strictly speaking, because Windows XP shares of 60.03% in August 2010 fell slightly from 60.89% of the previous month, gradually the number of Windows XP users also declined It is supposed to be, but it seems that it is decreasing little by little. On the other hand, Windows Vista has decreased from 14.00% to 13.35%, Windows 7 users have increased by 1.25% to 17.10%.

Since most of new PCs will be replaced with Windows 7 in the future, if there is a sudden demand for replacement at a certain point in time, it is possible that replacement of shares will progress at a stretch, but the top market share of Windows XP is When will it collapse ... ....?

Is it safe for at least another year, or one year later Windows 7 is the first place ... ... what will happen?

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