Realistic feeling that you can really feed non-contact, TOKO wireless power supply demonstration

Technologies capable of wirelessly charging mobile phones and othersYaTechnologies that can wirelessly supply power to devices such as televisions in remote placesAlthough development is also progressing in various fields in general, it is still still generally wirelessly based on the image like "future technology" if we say "send electricity without bringing the terminals into contact with each other without a cord" There is not much opportunity to realize that you can transmit.

It started today.CEATEC JAPAN 2010ofTOKO boothAt the first glance, demonstrations such as turning the light in a sphere with no code and turning the propeller, feeding the digital photo frame in the aquarium from the outside of the glass, etc., at first sight realize that "I am really sending" I was with you.

The movie is from the following.TOKO Wireless Power Supply Demonstration | CEATEC JAPAN | Kyodo News PR Wire

Tokoiko booth at Makuhari Messe 5 Hall. It is with a well-established coil maker that headquartered in Tsurugashima-shi, Saitama Prefecture.

A corner of the illustration, demonstration of wireless power supply.

I'm performing like this.

Of particular note is the LED that glows in the acrylic sphere and the propeller turns round and round.

YouTube - TOKO Wireless Power Supply Demo - CATATEC JAPAN 2010

Wireless power transmission is carried out at two places from under the exhibition stand into the sphere, to the part rotating from the support (glowing part) in the sphere.

There is only air between the bottom of the ball and the display stand.

Like this, it is transmitted from the coil under the acrylic exhibition stand to the coil inside the sphere.

The light is on even if it lifts a little.

What is going on with this aquarium with digital photo frame ......

The coil (bottom) of the electricity sending side and the receiving coil (top) attached to the digital photo frame ... ....

That's why they are interchanging across the wall behind the aquarium.

The power transmission side was stuck to the outside of the glass.

This cable at the bottom ......

It is said that we are wirelessly supplying power from the outside with this lamp on the right side across the bottom of the aquarium. For wireless power supply, there is no need to drill a hole for power supply in the aquarium and there is no need to waterproof the cable, so it seems that you can use it in various ways.

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