Contents summary that is expected to be announced at the "iPhone X" event to be held soon

From 2:00 am on September 13, 2017 of Japan time, AppleNew product release eventIt will be held. In the event, a completely new iPhone that has been rumored to dateiPhone XIn addition to the brand new Apple Watch and Apple TV are thought to be released, I tried to summarize what the whole thing is rumored.

Apple Events - Keynote September 2017 - Apple

What to Expect at Apple's Biggest Event in Years - Bloomberg

◆ Venue
The announcement event entitled "Apple Special Event" is a spacecraft-type new building just built by Apple from 10 o'clock local time on September 12, 2017 (Japan time, September 13, 2017, 2 o'clock)Apple Park"Steve Jobs Theater" will be held.

Shows the interior of the auditorium "Steve Jobs Theater" for Apple events with 4K aerial shots of Apple's new company "Apple Park" - GIGAZINE

◆ iPhone X
Apple has two models of the iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus, which will be the successor to the iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus, and long "Model celebrating the iPhone 10th anniversary"IPhone X" that has been rumored as "3 models" is considered to be released at the same time. It is said that the iPhone X of the 10th anniversary model iPhone X to be rumored that it becomes an unprecedented premium terminal has the following characteristics.

Economic news media Forbes got CAD files from the supply chain, and it is revealed what terminal design will be like. Displayer The bezelless design that narrows the bezel up and down, left and right, to the extreme is adopted, and almost everything becomes a display except that there is a microphone · FaceTime camera (in camera) · sensor at the top of the terminal surface.

Forbes leaks confirmed version design of "iPhone 8", power button giant - GIGAZINE

Also, unlike traditional iPhones, the terminal side adopts the same stainless steel as Apple Watch, and it is said that glass panels like iPhone 4 that appeared in 2010 will be adopted on the back. There was a report that the back panel of the next iPhone will become glass from the beginning of 2017.

The new iPhone goes back to the design of the iPhone 4 which stops aluminum and sandwich stainless steel with glass - GIGAZINE

By making most of the front of the terminal a display, iPhone X's main body size is iPhone 7 Plus etc.Compact than 5.5 inch iPhoneHowever, the display size gets enlarged to 5.8 inches. The 5.8-inch iPhone will appear in March 2016Had been reportedHowever, after that, when changing from conventional TFT liquid crystal to organic EL display (OLED)To be reportedRecently, as Apple relies on Samsung for the supply of OLED, it has developed to the report that terminal price will rise soon.

The view that iPhone 8 becomes expensive is that organic display is monopoly on Samsung - GIGAZINE

· Home button and abolition of Touch ID
Since the iPhone's debut, but the home is a button that has served as an important operation system must be for the user, you will not disappear completely in the iPhone X. About the abolition of the home button just after the release of iPhone 7/7 PlusOwasaAlthough it existed, it is thought that this rumor becomes a fact. In addition, instead of the disappearing home button, it seems that the virtual home button will be displayed on the display.

Even if the home button disappears, the Touch ID of fingerprint authentication technology will be embedded at the bottom of the display,Fingerprint authentication becomes possible on displayThere was also a report that it was. However, it took time to install the Touch ID, and there was a delay in manufacturingNews reportThere is alsoWall Street JournalIt is reported that "iPhone X will be shipped without fingerprint authentication sensor".

· Face ID
It is Touch ID which is thought not to be mounted on iPhone X due to manufacturing problems, but instead, "Face ID" of 3D face authentication function is. iOS 11GMSince the version leaked, the existence of Face ID has been clarified, and it turned out that it can be used as a substitute function of Touch ID for unlocking the terminal and purchasing content on iTunes / App Store.

The final version of software development of iOS 11 is leaked and new functions of "iPhone X" are clarified one by one, the 6 core A11 Fusion chip is installed and "Face ID" of face authentication function etc. adopted - GIGAZINE

· Wireless charging
It is thought that iPhone X will fulfill its responsiveness to wireless charging that was keenly awaited. Apple in February 2017Access to Wireless Power ConsortiumAnd thenTop of iPhone supplier companiesYaWireless charging manufacturer's topSaid that "iPhone X has a wireless charging function", but in August 2017 the image being tested for the wireless charging function is leaked.

It is clear that the wireless charging function is being tested from iPhone 8 X-ray photos - GIGAZINE

Please note that the wireless charger for iPhone XWill it be sold separately?It is also reported.

· A11 Fusion chip
It is thought that "A11 Fusion chip" will be installed at the heart of iPhone X. When iOS developer Steven Troughton - Smith analyzed the GM version of iOS 11, the A11 Fusion chip is composed of two high-performance cores "Monsoon" and four low-power core "Mistral" It can handle it. Also, it is said that the A11 Fusion chip is manufactured in 10 nm process.

In addition, it is said that Apple is working on the development of AI dedicated chips, and the A11 Fusion chip may have some benefit from this AI dedicated chip.

Apple has developed AI dedicated chip "Apple Neural Engine" to expand automatic driving technology and AR field - GIGAZINE

· IOS 11
On iPhone X, the latest OS released by Apple in WWDC 2017 for developers' eventiOS 11"Will be installed. About iOS 11 The new functions that I got at GIGAZINE at the present time are as follows.

-In iOS 11, iMessages can transfer remarkably, AR also corresponds, Siri is equipped with "Intelligence (intelligence)" - GIGAZINE
-iOS 11 has a "Wi-Fi share function" that allows you to invite a friend to a Wi-Fi connected by one tap - GIGAZINE
-To use NFC tags from iOS 11, to enhance the capabilities of NFC on iPhone which could only be used with Apple Pay - GIGAZINE
-iOS 11 can uninstall applications that you have not used for a while automatically - GIGAZINE
-A major change in iOS 11 that no one is talking about is that "volume display" is changed - GIGAZINE
-The design of the control center can be changed significantly at iOS 11 & customized freely - GIGAZINE
-"HEIF / HEVC" was introduced in the image / movie format on iOS 11 to reduce file capacity by 50% maximum - GIGAZINE
-Good news for those who get lost quickly with no sense of direction, dramatically evolving the map application as "AR Navi" at iOS 11's "ARKit" - GIGAZINE
-iOS 11 prevents iPhone from automatically connecting to bad Wi-Fi - GIGAZINE

· Models other than iPhone X
Two models of iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus scheduled to be released together with iPhone X will support the wireless charging while inheriting the design of the iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus, the glass panel will be adopted on the back It is done.

◆ Apple Watch
Information on "Apple Watch 3" of the new Apple Watch is clarified from the GM version code of iOS 11. Apple Watch 3 will be able to make phone calls and location information services even without iPhone due to LTE compatibility, and phone number will be shared with iPhone. Although there is no major change in the terminal design, it seems that new colors such as the red model only for the digital crown portion, "Ceramic-Gray (ceramic gray)" and "AlumBlushGold (brush gold)" will appear.

"Apple Watch 3" information leaks, LTE compatible & expected to share phone numbers with iPhone - GIGAZINE

Also, it was reported that in May 2017 it would be implemented as an exchangeable "smart band" to add various functions without changing the main unit price.

Next-generation Apple Watch implements an exchangeable "smart band" to add various functions without changing the main unit price - GIGAZINE

In addition, Bloomberg anticipates that a new band will be announced in the Apple Special Event since Apple has added a new wristband every six months since Apple Watch was released in 2015 .

◆ Apple TV
It is expected that a new Apple TV will also appear, and if realized it will be the fourth generation released in 2015Apple TVIt will be an update since. Rewarded updates include support for 4K video streaming and HDR video streaming, installation of a new processor to play high-resolution content, and improvement of TV applications. The Apple TV released in 2015 was equipped with the A8 chip of iPhone 6 released in 2014, so if the new Apple TV will be released in 2017, the chip will be released in 2016 It is speculated that it will become the A10 chip of iPhone 7 which was done.

Please note that the apple special event is scheduled to be updated in real time even at GIGAZINE.

Apple Events - Keynote September 2017 - Apple

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