"IPhone 5se" to become the new 4-inch iPhone, leak information such as specifications Summary

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Apple, which had offered a large screen iPhone from the iPhone 6/6 Plus, was said to release a 4 inch iPhone that is the same size as iPhone 5s. The name of the 4-inch iPhone was expected to become "iPhone 6c", but as the new 4-inch iPhone "IPhone 5se"Will appear in March 2016, 9 to 5 Mac reports.

Apple readies 'iPhone 5se', not '6c', for March / April with curved edges & amp; Live Photos | 9to5Mac

According to what 9 to 5 Mac got from sources of the new 4-inch iPhone, Apple will release the upgraded 4 inch iPhone based on the design of iPhone 5 s between March and April 2016. It is said that the name of this terminal will be "iPhone 5se", not "iPhone 6c" or "iPhone 7", the last "se" is said to be "SPecialEDition ", or" 5 s +EIt is expected that it is nhanced (improvement).

The 4-inch iPhone was expected to be equipped with the latest "A9" chip, but information sources revealed the information on "iPhone 5se" as follows.

· Adopted edge of glass with curved surface processing like iPhone 6 / 6S, not the edge of chamfering of iPhone 5s
· The same 8 million pixel iSight camera as the iPhone 6 / 6s, and the 1.2 million pixel front camera
· Expansion of panorama angle of view & Addition of autofocus function for movie shooting
· Added "barometer" for healthcare applications (equivalent to iPhone 6s)
· Supports NFC for Apple Pay (equivalent to iPhone 6 / 6s)
· A8 chip · M8 chip (equivalent to iPhone 6)
· Bluetooth 4.2, VoLTE, 802.11ac compatible Wi-Fi chip (equivalent to iPhone 6s)
· Supports "Live Photos" function (equivalent to iPhone 6s)
· Silver · Space Gray · Gold · Rose Gold color options (equivalent to iPhone 6s)
· 3D Touch not supported
· Earphone jack included

The details become gradually revealed The iPhone 5se has become specification which is located between iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s, and it is considered that the sale of iPhone 5s will be terminated at the same time as release. For iPhone users who shunned that "4.7 inch · 5.5 inch large iPhone is too big", it seems to be an opportunity to switch to an upgrade version 4 inch iPhone that you can use crisply.

In addition, after the report of 9to 5 Mac it will be called "iPhone 6c"4 inch iPhone image leakIt is being done. The image looks like the following and the size is the same 4 inches as the iPhone 5s, but it seems to be the border of the curved surface processing of the 6 iPhone, not the border of the chamfering process, so the new 4 inch reported by 9to 5 Mac It is expected to be the same thing as iPhone.New Apple Watch will be announced at March eventIt is also said that a new 4 inch iPhone may appear together at the same event.

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