How much has Apple Watch Series 5 evolved from the previous model?

Apple Watch Series 5 , the latest model of Apple Watch , will appear on Friday, September 20, 2019. Despite the addition of new features such as a built-in compass and constant display lighting, the appearance of Series 5 is almost the same as the previous model, Series 4 . Dieter Bourne, a reporter of the technical media The Verge, summarized the impression that actually attached Apple Watch Series 5.

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You can see what the actual Apple Watch Series 5 is like by looking at the following article.

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The size and shape of Series 5 are the same as Series 4, and two types are available: 44mm model and 40mm model. The built-in chip of Series 5 is a 64-bit dual-core S5 processor, which appears to have evolved one generation from the Series 4 S4 processor. However, when app developer Steve Troughton-Smith checked, it was found that Series 5 and Series 4 had the same generation of CPU and GPU.

In addition, it was announced that the first titanium model and ceramic model will be released as 'Apple Watch Edition Series 5'. “There are subtle differences in the weight of the more expensive materials, and there ’s a sapphire glass on the front of the watch. But they ’re all the same Apple Watch and just pay for something more fashionable. “If you expect to be great in terms of functionality, you should n’t spend extra money on these premium materials.”

◆ Good points
In previous Apple Watches, the display was turned off in standby mode, and the display did not light up unless the wrist was lifted. Therefore, I had to move my arm to the point where I knew that I was checking the time from the surroundings, and it was inconvenient when I wanted to check the time casually during a conversation or meeting. However, since the display of Series 5 is always lit, it is now possible to check the time just by looking at it, just like an ordinary watch.

In Series 5, the constant display that was already used by other smart watches was finally introduced to Apple Watch. By applying a technology called LTPO (Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) that has been installed in the previous model Series 4, it has become possible to keep the battery on for almost a day while keeping the display on.

In addition, Series 5 will change the standby screen refresh rate from 60 Hz to 1 Hz, which means that the power required for screen display will be greatly reduced. This refresh rate control is possible with an ultra-low power display driver, a more efficient power management integrated circuit, and a new ambient light sensor.

The GPS model and GPS + cellular model are available in the same way as the previous model, but Series 5 has both built-in mobile phone communication functions, so almost all countries around the world. It is now possible to make emergency calls from Apple Watch. However, in order to make regular calls and SMS, you need to make a contract with a mobile phone carrier using GPS + cellular model.

In addition, the Series 5 has a built-in compass that enhances map navigation. Bourne says it will be useful for those who are actively walking around.

However, according to MacRumors , which handles news related to Apple products, using a magnetic wristband such as Milanese loop , leather loop , modern buckle may cause interference with the built-in compass and may not function properly It was.

◆ Bad point
As the biggest problem with the Series 5, Mr. Bone cites “battery life”. Apple, the battery is of the Series 5 'time of the check, receipt of the notification, the use of the app, put like in the calculation to work out for 60 minutes, lasting 18 hours of overnight charging' and published have been The While pointing out that some smart watches in the world can hold the battery for several days or weeks to months while keeping basic functions such as notification and weather like Apple Watch “The battery life is not shorter than the previous Series 4, but the Battery life of the Series 5 is at most comparable and needs to be charged every day,” Born said.

Series 5 is a major feature of watchOS 6 installed from the beginning, you can access the App Store from Apple Watch without an iPhone. `` Apple Watch can now be customized independently from the iPhone, '' Apple announced, but in many cases the iPhone is required to set up the application from the Apple Watch side, so Apple as a result Born said it was hard to say that Watch was completely independent from the iPhone. It is difficult to browse the App Store on the Apple Watch side, so it is pointed out that it is necessary to have an iPhone at hand.

The following screen is written in Portuguese, but the Apple Watch App Store screenshot.

He added that the addition of menstrual cycle management apps, calculator apps, noise measurement apps, etc. is great, while Bourne said, “It ’s increasingly frustrating not to allow third-party clocks. '

Naturally, as with previous models, linkage with Android smartphones is not expected, so Mr. Born says that it is a shame that only iPhone users can use it. In Japan, the share of the iPhone is 69.8% as of August 2019, but the global share of Android is 76.23% , with Android smartphone users accounting for the overwhelming majority. Mr. Bourne said that despite the fact that Apple Watch has very advanced features compared to Android-compatible smartwatches, it is very unfortunate that it cannot be an option for Android smartphone users. I am evaluating.

In conclusion, Bourne summed up 'Series 5 is a minor update of Series 4', 'If you have an Apple Watch and are considering upgrading to Series 5, first September 20th We strongly recommend that you wait for the watchOS distribution scheduled for. '

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