If you play with Oreo Music Box, a turntable where music flows when you put Oreo on it


record player puts a record on a rotating turntable and drops the needle called a tone arm. The ' Oreo Music Box ' has made such a record player work with the cookie candy Oreo instead of the record. The armor reads the irregularities on the cookie surface when Oreo is placed and plays the song, and it is hard to believe that the turntable was sold out in the United States, which is Oreo's home country, in two weeks on sale. I was able to get a very popular (?) Music box right away, so I tried using it.

'Oleo Music Box' Starts Pre-Orders on Amazon from Wednesday, September 4, 2019 | Mondelēz International, Inc.

You can see what you can do with the 'Oreo Music Box' in one shot by watching the following movie.

Turn table `` Oreo Music Box '' where music flows when Oreo is placed-YouTube

The Oreo Music Box is delivered in a giant blue box with the following Oreo image colors:

It is about the same size as the

Let's Note SV (CF-SV8) of the notebook PC used in the GIGAZINE editorial department, but ...

There is quite a height.

When I opened the box, there was a box of Gissiri and Oreo inside.

The kore in the middle is the main body of the Oreo Music Box.

The rest is Oreo.

The Oreo Music Box comes with a set of four popular Oreo products in Japan, two boxes each, for a total of eight boxes. From left: Oreo Vanilla Cream, Oreo Crispy Vanilla Mousse, Oreo Crispy Chocolate Brownie, Oreo Golden Vanilla Cream.

The Oreo Music Box is covered with a cardboard box so it doesn't break ...

First open the claws ...

It is necessary to take out the body from inside. The main unit is the size of one hand.

The Oreo Music Box is designed like this again.

In the center is a turntable for placing Oreos.

And an arm that decides to stop playing music.

The back of the arm has an LED light.

The arm can be moved left and right.

The record button has a microphone mark.

On the side are an indicator marked 'RECORDING' and a hole marked 'MIC'.

And there is a speaker in the corner next to the record button.

There is nothing in particular on the side, only 'OREO MUSIC BOX' is printed.

The back is like this, you can access the battery box from here.

In addition, the box also contained an instruction manual.

So, first, loosen the screw that fixes the battery box on the back ...

Pakari. No batteries.

So insert three AAA batteries.

After inserting the batteries, when the arm was moved directly above the turntable, the LED built in the arm glowed.

Prepare Oreo at once. The first thing to try is the most orthodox vanilla cream flavor.

Place on turntable. The size of the turntable is perfect for Oreo.

Moving the arm over the Oreo, music began to play.

You can easily see how the music actually flows by watching the following movie. The Oreo Music Box contains 5 songs used in the Oreo campaign in the United States, each only 30 seconds in length. After 30 seconds, the loop will play endlessly. As for the five types of songs, the sensor on the arm detects the shape of the oreo placed on the turntable and plays it, so the song played depends on the shape of the oreo.

Turn table `` Oreo Music Box '' where music flows when Oreo is placed-YouTube

I moved the arm position during playback, but the song played was not changed.

Next, I will add Oreo Golden Vanilla Cream flavor.

Even with this, the music played without any problems.

Similarly, with Oreo Crispy Vanilla Mousse…

Oreo Crispy Chocolate brownie taste music. In addition, if you were not gnawing, the same song would be played regardless of which oreo was placed.

Music playback is possible even with the following photos. However, although I tried various sizes, at first, no matter how many times I did it, only two songs were played from the Oreo Music Box: 'Songs that flow when you are not gnawing' and 'Songs that flow when you are gnawing' did. However, if you try again after a while, you may have placed Oreo in a non-biting state, but the third or fourth song that did not play may flow, so the selection of Oreo Music Box Turned out to be quite nice.

One of the things that helped me during my experiments was that there were no grooves inside the turntable. If you put Oreo on the turntable, the crushed cookie fragments would fall by all means, but because there were no grooves, you could clean the turntable with a tissue or the like.

If Oreo says 'cookies removed', I removed only one side and put it on the turntable and succeeded in playing music without any problem.

While understanding that it was a prohibited activity, I bought a Ritz without winning the curiosity of 'I would like to put a cookie with the same size as Oreo!'

I put it on.

When I actually put the litz on the “Oreo Music Box” and moved the arm, the result was as follows.

I put Ritz on `` Oreo Music Box ''-YouTube

The Oreo Music Box also has a recording function. To record a message using the Record function, press the Record button and confirm that the indicator glows green. You can record your favorite songs and messages while they are lit in green. The maximum recording time is 30 seconds.

When you have finished recording, press the record button again. Recording stops when the indicator changes from green to red. If you return the arm, you should hear the recorded message, but the recorded message will be played or not played. The case where the recorded message flows as if I tried it was much rarer. Even if you use the same oreo, at some point the recorded song will play from the beginning, and at some point the recorded message will be flowing, so it depends on luck if you can play the message at the expected timing. For this reason, recording important messages is not recommended.

In addition, 'Oreo Music Box' is on sale on Amazon.co.jp. The price is 4298 yen including tax.

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