Test tubes of next generation mobile "Hyperloop" over 1000 km / h will be built in the desert

The Terra Motors and SpaceX leader Eylon Mask invented "Hyperloop (hyper loop)Is a next-generation vehicle capable of ultra high-speed traveling exceeding 1000 km / h, two teams Hyperloop Technologies and Hyper Transportation Technologies compete for development. Hyperloop Technologies finally started building a tube for the Hyperloop test running in the American desert, and that state was released.

New Video Shows Hyperloop Tubes Sitting in the Nevada Desert | Inverse

We saw the first Hyperloop tubes in the desert - YouTube

A huge object lined up on the desert in Las Vegas, USA.

Inside is hollow like this. This Hyperloop tube, Hyperloop Technologies, which will develop the next generation high speed mobile Hyperloop, will begin testing in January 2016 and its diameter is 3.3 meters.

Outside of the tube "Hyperloop" logo.

It is spectacular sight when arranging it all together.

Hyperloop is a next-generation means of transporting objects (pods) at high speed through tubes, with the highest target being 700 mile / h (about 1100 km / h) or higher.

Hyperloop is supported by a simple concept that the pod can run at high speed if the frictional resistance is greatly reduced by decompressing the inside of the tube.

The inventor is known for launching Tesla Motors and SpaceXEarlon mask. Mask CEO released the Hyperloop plan as an open source project all over the world and solicited developers on the grounds that he was busy steering Tesla and SpaceX. As a result, Hyperloop Technologies is one of the enterprises who participated in the development by raising their name.

If the Hyperloop plan is realized, the means of travel in the future will change drastically.

In the expected CG, a transparent tube will connect cities around the world.

The Hyperloop stop is like this.

Hyperloop capable of ultra high speed movement plans to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco, which is about 600 km away, in 30 minutes.

It is Hyperloop Technologies' CEO Rob Lloyd to explain the Hyperloop plan to female reporter of CNN Money.

"Just pull out the air around the pods in the tube, which alone greatly reduces the resistance, allowing the pod to move faster."

For pods running in the tubes, design competitions will be held at Texas A & M University on January 29 and 30, 2016, with more than 120 teams scheduled to be contested.

The design of the competition's victory team will be adopted in an actual prototype and will be tested in a truck of Hawthorn, California.

If the Hyperloop network connects cities around the world in the future ......

It seems that the scenes of movement and travel will change greatly.

Hyperloop Technologies' pod design looks something like this. Container-like rooms are loaded on aircraft like a rocket.

Hyperloop Technologies built an experimental line in the desert of Las Vegas, and a running experiment will be conducted with an unmanned vehicle, and the connected tubes will be 3 km in length. Although it seems like a dreamlike Hyperloop plan, it seems that he is moving steadily steadily.

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