10 times the speed of HDD & & 1 TB focusing on mirror surface plating design · External SSD "LaCie Chrome"

Products that adopt SSD also appear in external storage, but most of them are small capacity mobile storage that makes the safety of zero spindle ugly. However, the capacity of 1 TB plated with aluminum enclosure corresponds to Type 3-C USB 3.1, and the transfer speed is about 10 times that of mobile HDD. External SSD with overwhelming performance "LaCie Chrome"Is being exhibited at the CES 2016 International Appliances Fair.

You can easily understand what kind of SSD LaCie Chrome is by following the concept movie.

LaCie Chromé - YouTube

The external SSD "LaCie Chrome" says "design for performance".

Transfer speed is very fast as 940 MB / s maximum. This is the speed to transfer GoPro's 2K movie in just 1 minute.

Type 3 - C USB 3.1 port is installed.

If you connect with MacBook etc. with Type - C USB cable, you can transfer at high speed.

The enclosure is made of all-aluminum familiar to LaCie. As its name suggests, LaCie Chrome is shiny with chrome plating.

Stand upright with a magnetic display stand. As it is a magnet, it's easy to remove and carry around.

Plating and shiny LaCie Chrome is good design.

However, not only it looks but also has a top-class transfer rate as external storage, such as a total of 1 TB of striped 500 GB SSD with RAID 0, sequential read reaches 940 MB / s.

When using it seems that the LED on the back lights up.

It can be laid flat without a stand.

The design of LaCie Chrome seems to be inferior to Mac.

LaCie Chrome stands out with overwhelming transfer speed and good design, and the price is about $ 1,100 (about 130,000 yen). Given that 1 TB class SSD can be purchased at 50,000 yen or less, 500 GB class SSDs can still be purchased at 50,000 yen, the evaluation seems to be divided depending on whether the design can be found worthwhile.

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