One of Hyperloop development camps "Hyperloop One" succeeded in traveling at a speed of 310 km / h and a movie released

A business company that Mr. Earon Mask advocated and now competes with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) for development toward realizationHyperloop One"I succeeded in driving at about 310 km / h using a full-size vehicle.

Hyperloop One Goes Farther and Faster Achieving Historic Speeds | Hyperloop One

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Hyperloop One, which has been promoting development using full-size vehicles of the Hyper Loop concept, was the fastest test vehicle in the test truck "DevLoop" built in Nevada, which is the fastest speed ever achieved, at a speed of 192 miles per hour ) We succeeded in accelerating the vehicle to the speed of. DevLoop is a test truck with a total length of about 500 meters. The test vehicle continued to accelerate to 300 meters and marked the highest speed, then decelerated 200 meters and stopped.

The vehicle "XP-1" used in this experiment was a vehicle equipped with a linear motor with an output of 3151 hp. Hyperloop One is the first in May 2017Perform test runs at a full-size facilityHowever, compared to the fact that the output of the vehicle at this time was 891 hp, it also seems that the output is steadily increased.

The speed of over 300 km / h is the speed to line up with the Japanese Shinkansen and the European high-speed railway "Eurostar" etc, but in order to realize "Hyperloop One's aim" 250 miles per hour (speed of about 400 km) " A longer test track is required. However, as the scale expansion progresses smoothly, it seems to be thought that it can surely be cleared from now on in terms of the progress of experiments so far.

In order to achieve even higher speeds, "decompression", which is also a key to the hyper loop concept, becomes essential. Although it is a hyper loop that reduces the air resistance by decreasing the air inside the tube and realizes a speed exceeding the sound speed, the future task is how to reduce the pressure of the whole tube and the mechanism for entering and exiting there It depends on how to realize it.

The mechanism to get in and out is becoming indispensable when establishing a hyperloop "station" in the future, but of course the solution method has been devised from the planning stage as well. In Hyperloop One, we are planning to make something like a lead-in line diverging from the main tube in the future, test the mechanism for decompressing state and returning to the atmospheric pressure, and advance development of technology for realization .

Furthermore, we are waiting for the establishment of various technologies such as "control of the vehicle" and "securing of safety" and efforts with local governments to commercialize it ahead. However, at the present stage it is mostly progressing smoothly It seems to be. Just as the news that "When I first succeeded" just the other day, there is also a case where the development is proceeding with the speed feeling of the threat "It has exceeded the speed of 300 km / h" this time, The challenge is actually cleared up and business operation is started ... The future that seems not to be so far.

The image "Phase 2 Test Recap" which seems to have captured the state of the test run this time is released.

Phase 2 Test Recap - YouTube

This test is called "Phase 2", and it carries out a running experiment using a real pod. First of all, we only test the trolley part. If you look carefully, the information on the front of the car is for secret or mosaic.

The pod runs in a tube about 3 meters in diameter. In the future it is shaped like an autoclave (pressure cooker), in order to remove the air in the middle and bring it into a state close to vacuum.

Firstly, only the truck is running ......

Confirm operation. You can see the mechanism like a spring and a damper whether it absorbs vibration or is storing unnecessary wheels while driving.

Finally, I put the pod main body.

Carefully lower it with a crane and join ... ...

A full-size pod is completed.

Push it into the tube.

And start running. If the recorded sound is genuine, you can see that you are running with almost no noise.

The development team also got pose

What is contained in the image was a sight that seems to be a little late to be "310 km / h", but it seems that the release certainly marked the highest speed according to the release. In the future we are planning to move on to Phase 3 stage of developing an "air lock system" for pods to enter and exit the tube actually decompressed.

It seems that some people already understand the mechanism of hyperloop, but Hyperloop One has released a movie that develops that mechanism.

Hyperloop Explained - YouTube

The hyperloop vehicle runs the same principle as the "motor" that rotates using electricity. However, rotary type motors are not used for hyper loops.

Instead, in the hyper loop, arrange the electromagnet that generates the magnetic force on a straight line ......

Pull the pod that floats above the guide rail with an electromagnet. This is exactly the mechanism of "linear motor". In overseas, it is commonly called "MagLev" meaning "floating in a magnet (Magnet)" (Levitate).

The hyper loop is a ride that travels at a speed exceeding the speed of sound in the tube. The reason for this is to eliminate the presence of air which will become a large resistance source during high speed driving. By lowering the pressure inside the tube to the same air pressure as the altitude of 200,000 feet (altitude of about 60,000 meters), which is higher than the airplane flying, it is possible to suppress air resistance and achieve both high speed and low power consumption, Perhaps it is also aimed to alleviate shock waves when exceeding.

The Hyper Loop runs at a speed of about 1200 km per hour faster than the passenger plane, and it takes 5 hours if it is a railroad Ultra high-speed means of connecting Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than 40 minutes. In the future, construction of actual facilities is planned in Dubai, planning is proceeding even in Korea, etc. We have the possibility to change the way of the world dramatically.

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