A mysterious camera that shoots a driver in the Tesla Model 3 car is used for automatic operation of level 3 or higher and a ride sharing network "Tesla Network"

It is known that Tesla's popular price range EV "Model 3" which was delivered at the end of July 2017 has a built-in camera for checking the state of the driver and the situation inside the car.

Tesla Model 3 is equipped with a driver-facing camera for Autopilot and Tesla Network | Electrek

As Model 3 ran through the streets, various media began to post trial records one by one, but in that situation Jason Hughes sent out that Model 3 has an indoor camera installed on Twitter did. "Only I was aware of the built-in camera at the base of the room mirror of Tesla Model 3? It is a spy camera of Eulon · Mask?" Together with a comment that a very small camera lens is attached We are publishing. Mr. Hughes said that he noticed this camera by looking at the photograph of the catalog, not the actual car.

As for the existence of this camera, it is rarely mentioned at the recital of Model 3, etc. It seems that Electrek's writer actually tested did not notice. Electrek confirmed to Tesla that in fact it was said that the camera was not used at the present time but was only expected to be used from the time of future scheduled software update.

According to several experts in automatic driving technology, this camera is required to realize "level 3" automatic operation. In level 3, the computer is responsible for actual driving, the driver is responsible for riding as a backup staff to the end, but this is the situation that the driver needs to be able to change driving at any time as long as returning There is. Most of the viewpoint is to use the camera equipped near the room mirror in order to confirm the requirement. Tesla's automatic operation is currently "level 2", but Tesla expects that Tesla will be able to achieve level 4 to level 5 automatic operation through the evolution of this camera and software.

The camera is also expected to be used to realize the Tesla Network, a ride sharing network Tesla aims to provide in the future. The Tesla Network is a service that allows people to move to their destination by using the automatic driving function, and it is said that Tesla car owners will generate money by running automatically even when they are not using their cars thing. It is a mechanism that shares its sales with the owner by Tesla and what is seen as a service that will make it possible to use vehicles that have never been before. When using this function, checking the entire interior of the car with the camera attached to the room mirror makes it possible to check whether there is a problematic situation.

However, it is also a fact that there are concerns such as privacy concerns left here. Basically, the acquired image is processed in the car, it is converted to log data form and sent to the protected server, but it is difficult to completely prevent hacking damage It is said that it is important how to secure 'peace of mind' because the history has been proved and there are some unimaginable portions about what kind of influence it will have.

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