Hyperloop (Hyper Loop) plan, a super high-speed transfer system of 1000 kilometers per hour steadily progressing toward realization

Known as the founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceXEarlon maskThe CEO is an ultra high-speed transportation system of the flag swingmanHyper loopThe test course will be finally built in 2016. Meanwhile, a new CERNLarge-scale hadron collision type acceleratorIt was announced that companies developing vacuum technologies will enter the plan, and it became clear that the hyper loop plan is progressing steadily.

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How we'll make elon Musk's hyperloop a reality: CEO

You can see how hyperloop is a ride by looking at the following article.

Euron · mask of the inventor in the field test of the high-speed moving means "Hyper Loop" exceeding 1000 kilometers per hour GO Sign - GIGAZINE

As Mask CEO is so busy with Tesla and SpaceX's management, as a result of open sourcing the hyper loop plan and seeking collaborators from outside, a venture company called Hyper Transportation Technologies (HTT) succeeded the mask intention by cloud funding It was founded by the company, and it began to move concretely toward realization of the plan. In addition, HTTDirk AlbornCEO is a technician from SpaceX,As of December 2014, more than 100 technicians participate in the HTT, mainly in the United Statesdoing.

Future prediction by HTT. A tubular "tube" of hyper loop is stretched to connect large cities and large cities.

Tubes are constructed along existing highways and they plan to link approximately 600 kilometers between Los Angeles and San Francisco in only 30 minutes.

Reducing the pressure inside the tube to about 1 hPa reduces the air resistance and enables ultra high-speed movement.

A test course of 2 miles (about 3.2 kilometers) will be built in California in 2016.

In a car called "capsule" running inside the tube seems to be like this.

In addition, various companies other than HTT participate in the hyper loop project,Hyperloop Technologies(HT) is also a leading company and is driving the project strongly. "We expect the Hyperloop project to destroy the existing transportation industry, which amounts to as much as $ 154 trillion (about 1 kyoo 8000 trillion)," CEO Robert Lloyd of HT said.

About HT hyperloop development status, you can check with the following movie.

Introduction to Hyperloop Technologies Inc. - YouTube

An anticipation chart of the HT construction construction tube plan is like this.

In addition, HT capsule and station of hyper loop seems to be designed like this.

Transportation of cargo not only for passengers will be covered by hyper loop.

On August 20, 2015, HTT announced a partnership with Oeclikon Leybold Vacuum which develops vacuum technology and Aecom of infrastructure design company. HTT widely recruits members participating in development with compensation of their stock options as compensation, and also clarified that a total of 400 development members including NASA, aircraft makers Boeing and SpaceX technicians have been assembled.

Carl Blockmeier, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum, partnering with HTT to address the decompression in the tube, one of the most important technologies in the hyperloop plan, said "CERNofLarge-scale hadron collision type acceleratorCompared to the experience we have also participated in the development project of the Hyper Loop Project, the development of a decompression system is technically not so difficult. "

The hyperloop plan that seemed impossible to be impossible by mask mask CEO seems to continue steadily progressing toward 2018 passenger transportation.

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Hyperloop test tube for 1000 kilometers over the next generation will be built in the desert - GIGAZINE

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