Is it the first place for the world to realize "Hyperloop" of the next generation ultra high-speed transportation means?

Next-generation ultra high-speed moving means advocated by Mr. Ehlon Mask who pursues transportation which can move faster and at lower cost is "Hyperloop (hyper loop)"is. In order to realize this, technological development is being promoted so that the two camps compete roughly, but one of those campsHyperloop One"The hyper-loop that will be realized for the first time in the world will become a connection between Dubai and Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates".

Hyperloop may become reality in Dubai - BBC News

Hyperloop is a high-speed moving object driven by electric power, running a cargo pod carrying passengers and luggage in a tube. Change the air pressure inside this tube to reduce the air resistance of the pod, and put air in the bottom of the tube to float the pod. Simply put, the train which floats in the tube by air hockey principle is a hyper loop. It is thought that the speed will be over 700 mph per hour (about 1100 km per hour), and it is a moving body that can travel at more than three times the highest speed of the Shinkansen.

The hyperloop technology developed by Hyperloop One is still in the testing stage, details of which are only revealed only rough, but the fact that the hyperloop is the first in the world to be released from a newly released movie It is clear that it will be about 124 km between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. According to the movie, this distance of about 124 km seems to be able to move in only 12 minutes.

New movies released by Hyperloop One can be seen from the following.

The Hyperloop One System - YouTube

Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates

To one man working here ... ...

An email will be delivered. The content of the mail was "I forgot the mother's birthday?" "It will not be late as my mother will come in 30 minutes!"

When searching for a route to move to the meeting place, the character "Hyperloop" in the choice. With this hyper loop, it is possible to move about 124 km from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in just 12 minutes, so you can move to your destination much faster than an airplane.

It seems necessary to go to a special terminal in order to ride a hyper loop.

Go to that terminal and go to the designated gate.

There are various types of pods stopped in the gate, which will take you to Dubai.

The pods are arranged in a circle and moved to the zone that becomes the entrance and exit of the pod.

Here, the pods are gathered into one set of four and stored in a capsule for movement.

The moving capsule seems to have three pods on which passengers were placed and one pod for loading.

Then move in the tube as follows at high speed.

While the passengers are enjoying an elegant time just as if they are working in the office ......

Arrived in Dubai. The Hyper Loop Terminal in Dubai seems to be at the foot of the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world.

Upon arrival, the pod comes out of the capsule ... ...

I will enter a circular terminal similar to the terminal in Abu Dhabi. The terminal of Abu Dhabi is designed so that the pod can go outdoor road as it is ... ...

It seems possible to move to the destination while riding in the pod.

It takes about 1 hour to move from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by conventional means of transportation, but if Hyper Loop is realized it will be possible to shorten the travel time by about 48 minutes and the movement from Dubai to Doha will be about 23 minutes You can cut it.

Professor David Bailey of Aston Business School is more likely to realize the plan of Hyperloop One planned in the United Arab Emirates than plan to link the previously announced Los Angeles and San Francisco with a hyper loop "I tell you. However, it also points out that there are multiple technical hurds to realize the hyper loop.

Furthermore, it is a competitor of Hyperloop OneHyperloop Transportation TechnologiesAlso reached an agreement with the government of Slovakia in the construction of hyperloop in March 2016.

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