I tried to eat 'Japonese <matcha kinako black nectar' which melts Kinako sauce and Haagen Dazs's first Matcha solve · black honey · milk ice turned together

Haagen Dazs combining popular materials of Japanese hamba, black honey and kinako "JapaneseJaponais "Was released on Tuesday, June 23, 2015. It is said to be an ice cream dessert based on "Matcha sorbet" for the first time at Haagen Dazs, which sticks to the flavor of full-fledged Japanese, so I bought it and tried it at once.

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This is the package of Haagen Dazs "Japonais

Raw materials were divided into ice cream part and solvice part and displayed.

The calorie is 255 kcal per 105 ml.

Remove Pakari and lid ......

I will peel the inner pigs as well.

Because it is "Matcha Kinako Black Honey", I was imagining a powdered kinako powder, but there was no powdery surface on the surface, something like half frozen jelly was used.

If you scoop up lightly and eat it, you will feel a smooth texture of the fragrant Kinako sauce that melts smoothly. Milk ice cream is also rich, it feels quite rich when eating together.

As we dug further, we discovered Matcha sorbet, a layer of Matcha sherbet and black nectar sauce in the lower part.

This Matcha sorbet was used for the first time at Haagen Dazs.Haagen Dazs green tea ice creamIt is a smooth and rich taste, but Matcha Solve is rather sharp texture, it feels like it fades away rather than melting with trolley in the mouth.

When you eat kinakara sauce, milk ice cream, black nectar sauce and powdered tea solve, you will be mixed with the gentle sweetness of black nectar sauce, bitter sweetness of powdered tea, refreshing mouthfeel and eat sweet rich milk ice & kinakara sauce even in the summer It was easy-going finish.

In addition, Haagen Dazs "Japonée is a limited seven-eleven sale, and the price is 360 yen including tax.

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