We tried eating Seven limited sweets Seven limited sweets "Imuraya Tiramisu Warabichichi" "Imuraya Green Tea Tiramisu Warabimichi" superimposed with straw and rice crackers and chocolate and mascarpone ice

A season-eclectic ice cream developed by Seven - Eleven in collaboration with Imuraya "Tiramisu Warabimochi"Matcha tiramisu Warabimochi"Has appeared on Tuesday, January 23, 2018. I tried to eat actually what kind of taste it was because Ichimoya's proprietary technology made Warabime mouth as it is ice cream.

(PDF file) "Warabi mochi" with proprietary technology to ice cream! "Tiramisu Warabimichi" "Matcha Tiramisu Warabimichi" released

I got "Imuraya Tiramisu Warabimichi" "Imuraya Matcha Tiramisu Warabimochi" immediately.

"Imuraya Tiramisu Warabimachi" (224 yen including tax) has become a package of brown color.

Raw material is like this. You can see the names of Mascarpone cheese, coffee sauce, and straw powder. There is also slightly liquor, but alcohol content derived from liquor is less than 0.1%.

The calorie per piece is 239 kcal.

Open the bag and take it out.

I just opened the lid. There are five staggeries on the other side, and cocoa powder is sprinkled on top of it like real tiramisu.

"Imuraya Tiramisu Warabimachi" and the iPhone X of longside 143.6 mm were arranged side by side.

I was imagining the elasticity of the warabichi gabbage, but when I actually eat it, I was surprised at the softness that was pretty neat.

Mascarpone cheese ice cream is sweet, rich and rich, and it combines with chocolate coating to spread the scent and bitterness of coffee into the mouth. It is said that alcohol is contained and certainly alcohol flavor is slightly felt.

Espresso coffee sauce was buried in the center of ice.

The dense bitter peculiar to espresso is entangled with rich mackerel mackerel and rich mascarpone ice. "Imuraya Tiramisu Warabimochi" was an adult sweet potato which is compatible with the mysterious texture of rice cake with the sweetness of Mascarpone ice and the bitterness of coffee. However, rather than western and western, it is quite impressive to Tiramisu.

"Imuraya Matcha Tiramisu Warabimichi" (224 yen including tax) is a package that is based on green tea and green.

Raw material names include Matcha, Warabi Mochi and Mascarpone Cheese. Moreover, although "liquora tea tiramisu Warabichi mochi" also contains liquor, here also alcohol content derived from liquor was less than 0.1%.

The calorie per unit is 203 kcal, which is slightly lower than "Imuraya Tiramisu Warabimochi".

Open the bag and take it out.

When turning over the lid, you can see 5 Warabi mochi from the chocolate coating, and Matcha is sprinkled over it.

I will start scooping up the warabi mochi. The coating of the upper layer is so soft that it is Matcha raw chocolate, and a spoon enters quickly.

When we cooked a coat of warabi and mocha raw chocolate, we finished in the taste of cold Japanese sweets. The texture of green tea raw chocolate is also smooth, and it fits well with the mellow texture of rice crackers.

I will eat Mascarpone ice with it. Matcha tea is being kneaded in Mascarpone ice of "Imuraya matcha tiramisu warabi mochi". In addition, Matcha raw chocolate which uses Uji green tea is high in fragrance, firmly with bitterness of matcha, even if it is mixed with rich and sweet Mascarpone ice.

Matcha sauce was buried in the middle part of "Imuraya matcha tiramisu warabi mochi".

If you eat it with warabi moch with a match of green tea sauce, the original taste of Matcha is more emphasized. "Imuraya Green Tea Tiramisu Warabimichi" was a new western eclectic sweet with a combination of the texture of Warabimonchi texture and the aroma of Matcha, combined with the rich flavor of Mascarpone Ice and slightly fragrant liquor.

"Imuraya Tiramisu Warabimichi" "Imuraya Matcha Tiramisu Warabichichi" is a nationwide store of Seven-Eleven, and it is on sale from January 23, 2018 (Tue).

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