I tried an adult ice "PARM Rich Chocolat ~ Champagne tailor ~" matched with chocolate ice with rich champagne scent

Morinaga milk ice cream "PARM (Palm)", from December 11, 2017, Monday, using the source of champagne "PARM Rich Chocolat ~ Champagne tailoring ~Appeared. I added a flavor of champagne to chocolate ice, and finished in an elegant adult taste, I actually tried to eat what kind of taste it is.

"PARM (palm) rich chocolate ~ Champagne tailoring ~ (1 bottle)" which can enjoy fruity and colorful fragrance of champagne Limited release all over the country from December 11 (Monday) | News release | Morinaga Milk

Morinaga Chocolate Ice Cream Bar PARM (Palm) | Product Lineup | PARM Rich Chocolat ~ Champagne Tailoring ~

"PARM Rich Chocolate ~ Champagne Tailoring ~" is packaged one by one, it is not a bag but boxed.

In the package, the image of champagne poured into the glass was attached as an image.

Next to the type display, there is a small expression "I use alcohol."

"PARM Rich Chocolate ~ Champagne Tailor ~" is divided into "Chocolate Ice Department" and "Champagne & Chocolat Department", chocolate ice part is ice cream, champagne & chocolate part is ice confection. Grape juice and champagne can be confirmed in the raw materials of champagne & chocolate department. In the champagne & chocolate department, the letters of grape juice and champagne can be confirmed and it is written that "alcohol content derived from champagne is less than 0.1%" although alcohol is concerned.

The calorie per one is 256 kcal.

When opening it, it looks like ordinary chocolate ice, but it felt a little fruity scent mixed with the sweet smell of chocolate.

Compared with iPhone X with long side 143.6 mm, the following image is seen.

I tried putting in a spoon as to what is going inside. The contents wrapped in the semi-sweet chocolate coating is smooth and smooth chocolate ice.

A paste-like champagne sauce was sandwiched between the semi-sweet chocolate coating and the chocolate ice cream. With gentle taste, grape juice has been kneaded in, and you can feel the sweet and sour grape of grape rather than champagne.

Alcohol content is certainly felt, but it is never too strong, just to say flavor. The cocoa bitterness and rich aroma combined with the fruity sake flavor combined increased richness, making it an elegant and luxurious flavor for adults.

Morinaga Milk "PARM Rich Chocolat ~ Champagne Tailor ~" is available from December 11, 2017 (Monday), but limited quantity, but it is available at retail stores nationwide. The suggested retail price is 180 yen (tax excluded).

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