``Palm affogato'' tasting review wrapped in mellow vanilla ice cream with a bitter espresso

Melt-in-the-mouth smooth chocolate and vanilla ice cream 'features

PARM (Palm) was added to the espresso source of the' 'Palm affogato' has appeared in a limited time from August 31, 2020 (Monday). As it is a flavor of an affogato where you can enjoy a bitter espresso over ice cream, I immediately checked to see how the palm and espresso work together.

'PARM Afogart' will be on sale for a limited time nationwide from Monday, August 31st | Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

'Palm Afogart' is a coffee-only ice cream made by adding espresso coffee sauce to milk ice and coating it with coffee chocolate.

The Palm Affogato package (top) is a mix of coffee and vanilla ice, making it easy to distinguish from the normal Palm red package (bottom).

The ingredients of Palm Affogato are dairy products, coffee chocolate coating, coffee sauce, etc. The content is 80 ml.

The calorie is 204 kcal per one.

Looking at the calories of normal palm, it is 237 kcal per one. Regular Palm has 90ml, which is 10ml more than Palm Afogart, so the calories were slightly higher.

When I take it out of the bag and compare it, the Palm Affogato (left) is slightly smaller than the normal Palm (right). The chocolate coating has a similar shade.

The cross section looks like this, and the thickness is almost the same.

When I try to eat it, the bitterness of coffee stands out immediately after I put it in my mouth. Since the amount of espresso coffee sauce varies depending on the location, there is a part where the crisp bitterness stands out and a part where you can enjoy the gentle sweetness of vanilla ice cream, and the bitterness and sweetness are a perfect balance. It has an adult taste that emphasizes the bittersweet flavor of coffee rather than the sweetness of chocolate.

It was said that Palm Affogato was 'filling espresso coffee sauce in a spiral shape', so when I cut it vertically, it seemed to be more like a

three- sided rather than a spiral.

The aroma and mellow sweetness of chocolate can be better felt with regular palms. Palm Affogato may be a bit unsatisfactory for those who like big sweet tooth and milk chocolate because it has a strong bitterness, but it is recommended for those who like bitter chocolate and coffee.

You can purchase the Palm Affogato at convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide, and the price is 151 yen including tax.

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