'Banana Thunder' tasting review that spreads the scent and taste of banana so that it bites the crunchy texture

From Yuraku Confectionery's Black Thunder series, 'Banana Thunder' will be released on June 20, 2022. Half-coated chocolate is combined with banana chips, and it is said that it is finished as a chocolate bar where you can enjoy the compatibility of chocolate and banana and the crunchy texture. I got the chance to eat a little earlier, so I actually tried it.

Banana Thunder-Product Lineup-Product Information | Yuraku Confectionery


A 20-piece box of 'Banana Thunder' (right) is lined up with a normal Black Thunder box (left).

I took out one package. Normal Black Thunder has two names, 'Black Thunder God', while Banana Thunder has two names, 'Gori Raijin'. Also, the package had an illustration of a gorilla that still devours bananas and chocolates for banana thunder.

Normal black thunder was 'quasi-chocolate confectionery', but banana thunder is classified as 'confectionery'. The raw material name is 'banana chips (banana, coconut oil, sugar)'.

I put the banana sander out of the package on a plate. The color is a yellowish cream reminiscent of a banana, and the lower half is covered with chocolate coaching.

Banana Thunder (left) side by side with regular Black Thunder (right). I get the impression that the size of the banana sander is slightly smaller.

When I try to eat it, the texture is crunchy, but unlike normal Black Thunder, it contains banana chips, so it is more chewy. Also, since the banana chips are kneaded directly, the more you chew, the more the aroma and taste of the banana spreads in your mouth. The sweetness peculiar to banana added to the flavor of chocolate is rich, but it was never persistent and had an impression that it was not sticky afterwards.

'Banana Thunder' will be available for purchase at convenience stores, supermarkets, drug stores, etc. nationwide from June 20, 2022 (Monday). The price is 43 yen including tax.

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