Hagen Dazs "Japoné <Wakuri Azuki>" tasting review like rich Japanese chestnut sauce and Azuki blended Japanese sweets with Mont Blanc

Hiragen Dazs' expression of authentic Japanese-style sweetness is superimposed by layering like Kashiro Ice Cream of gentle taste and rich Wakuri sauce, salt-friendly sauce sauce with hidden taste, etc.Japone "is. Since it was said that it will be sold only for Seven - Eleven from October 20, 2015, I actually bought it and tried it.

Luxury combination of Japanese chestnut and azuki Haagen Dazs "Japoné " New release on October 20 (Tue), Seven - Eleven nationwide limited

This is "Japone "

The type is "ice cream", and the raw material names are Wakuri sauce, Asuki sweet bean, sugar, Japanese chestnut paste, Koshian sauce etc. If there is no "cream" at the beginning, materials that are likely to think that I am making Japanese sweets are lining up.

Remove Pakari and lid ......

When peeling the inner lid periperi, the source of Japanese chestnut was hung on top of the ice cream like Mont Blanc of cake.

Ice is a Japanese chestnut sauce · Waguri ice cream · Kosamin A sauce · Azuki grain · milk ice cream containing red sugar is a layer, so first try to eat all the layers together.

When you put it in your mouth, the fragrance of Mont Blanc spreads softly with rich and rich ice cream peculiar to Haagen Dazs. The sauce sauce sauce used salt for its hidden taste, and it seems that just a little bit of soup complements the sweetness of the whole ice cream. The milk ice cream of red sugar and the Japanese chestnut ice cream did not know the division of layer at all, but when we ate together we felt milky like condensed milk.

I tried eating with only Wakuri sauce, the texture of the tongue was lean, I felt taste of astringency skin, it was quite thick. As the amount is not so much, since the fragrance and taste of Waguri is overwhelming, the presence of Japanese chestnut was strongly felt even throughout the ice cream.

Azuki beans at the bottom of the cup. Azuki is somewhat sturdier and can enjoy the texture, but the taste of azuki was slightly felt, as the flavor of the chestnut is quite strong.

Even if you eat it for each layer, the level is high, but "Japoné " will become a finish like a notch above all by eating all the layers together. It was made easier to feel sweeter than usual Haagen Dazs by adding a bit of astringency and saltiness, so it seems good to eat with coffee or tea.

The suggested retail price is 383 yen including tax.

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