I tried using "Whole egg egg roll turning round all pudding" which can be done by stirring for 2 minutes without breaking the egg

Items that set the raw egg in the shell as a shell and move the lever for 2 minutes and put on hot water for 30 minutes The item that the pudding is completed is released from Takara Tomy Arts "Rotate the funniest egg and turn around the whole pudding"is. I actually tried using it really how the pudding will be completed.

Turn round funny eggs and turn around whole pudding | Special Site | Takara Tomy Arts

This is the package of "Whole egg egg rotate round and whole pudding".

On the side of the box, how to make a pudding is drawn in 3 steps.

Because it is wanting to make a pudding soon, it opens easily.

The main body and instruction manual are contained in it.

This is the main body.

The side is like this. The eggs on the handle and the side of the body had a face.

So I will make a pudding at once. First of all prepare eggs.

When I hit the light of the flashlight to the egg which did not do anything in the dark place, it became slightly orange in the middle. This situation will change as egg stirring succeeds, so let's remember this appearance firmly.

Remove cover from main body ......

Take out the egg capsule and remove the capsule cap.

Set eggs. At this time, the corresponding egg size is 55 to 61 mm in height and 42 to 46 mm in diameter, so please note that it may not be set depending on individuals.

Close the capsule cap until a "tick" sound is heard.

And set egg capsule on the main body.

Mount the transparent cover ......

After that, move the lever back and forth for 2 minutes and stir eggs with Gullingun.

Creating a pudding with "Funny Tamagotoe Tamaki and turning all around" - YouTube

Remove the egg capsule and check the completeness.

When I touched the light of the flashlight again in the dark place, the light passed through the whole and the shadow was formed only in the upper part of the egg. It seems that stirring was not enough.

"Because the egg's yolk collapses and stirs with the impact that the lever hits in the fore and aft", this time I will let the lever go back and forth slightly stronger. Even if you move gently, the yolks will not collapse.

After 1 minute, trying again with light turned out to pass light only near the light unlike the previous time. A sign that it is stirring firmly in this state.

Proof that you can stir. If you can, it will be wrapped in a lap with a heat-resistant temperature of 100 degrees or more.

Next we boil hot water. It is a point to boil hot water of 1 liter for one egg, 1.5 liters for 2 pieces, 2 liters or more in case of 3 pieces.

If you boil, stop the fire and use your head to gently lay eggs.

Lid and leave for 30 minutes.

Egg taken out after 30 minutes is kore.

Put a conch and split in the middle with a spoon ......

When opening the egg with a whip, there was no yolk or white, a strange looking egg pudding appeared.

Wearing a commercially available caramel sauce ......

I will get you.

A smooth texture and the bittersweet sweetness of caramel sauce spread out in the mouth is a sense of "Purine than expected", but because the eggs themselves are not seasoned, if you do not have plenty of caramel sauce and aftertaste Egginess will remain in. If I draw too much commercial pudding in my head, I think that it is "not this" for boiled egg smell, but there were editorial staff who are promoting eating Pakpak with "Kore is tasty".

I put a caramel sauce and it is a pudding, but as it is said to be a cup of steamed toard with soup stock, I will eat it with soup stock so this time.

Dripping soup stock soy sauce on the section of egg pudding, tasting.

Dashi soy sauce and egg pudding are excellent compatibility. Originally it was made by egg and steamed dumpling, so this egg pudding was finished in a cup of cha noodle no matter how you eat from anywhere, it was a level you could order as a side dish.

The one in the middle of the egg is smooth, but becoming harder as you approach the shell, the yellowishness will emerge.

In addition, thinking "What is going on inside the egg?" When I peeled off the shell, I had a beautiful boiled egg made of gold.

Trying to cut it looks like this. It looks good even if you like to make salads.

In addition, the manufacturer's suggested retail price is 2400 yen, you can purchase it as 1979 yen including tax with "Made fun Tamagota turn around turn all pudding".

Amazon.co.jp: turn around the funniest egg and turn around Whole pudding: toys

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