I tried using "Easy range! Dashi-rolled egg" which makes it easy to make a rolled egg just by lentin of only 100 yen

It is rather troublesome to make dashi-rolled egg using a special egg baking machine, but you can make a sushi rolled egg using a microwave oven from The Daiso of 100 yen shop "Easy with the range! Dashi-rolled egg"Convenient goods such as" We are having a good appearance. It was only 100 yen and it was easy to do a roll of eggs just by choking in the range, so I actually tried using it.

Easy with the range! Dashi-rolled egg

Purchased "The range easy! Dashi-rolled egg" of 108 yen including tax with The Daiso.

When taking it out of the bag, a container like a pen stand came out.

"Easy range! Dashi-rolled egg" is about two-thirds the size of the iPhone 6s Plus and is a compact size.

Pick off the yellow fastener ......

It is divided into a transparent main body container and a yellow lid.

Start cooking immediately. First, prepare one egg. It seems that you can make beautifully using eggs larger than M size.

Put eggs in the main container ... ...

Add 1 tablespoon of water and dissolve well. Mixing it like cutting the white body, it is said that you can not make a white crimson after heating.

When it melts well well, put it in a microwave oven and heat it at 500 W for 40 seconds.

When heating is over, remove the main container from the microwave oven.

At this stage, the state where fire is passing around half of the egg.

Add 1/3 teaspoon of granules and sugar to a heated egg a little.

Agitate well again.

After stirring, put it in a microwave oven and heat it again at 500 W for 40 seconds.

Take it out after 40 seconds, the egg was swollen quite a bit.

Next, cover the main body container with a yellow lid ......

Push the clasp and snap fastener.

Wait for 1 minute in this state.

Remove the lid after 1 minute has elapsed. The surface of the rolled egg has a clean shape.

When tilting the main body container, a corn kororo and sushi wrapped egg came out.

The appearance is quite full-scale.

Eggs are not connected in any number of layers like a full-fledged soup-rolled egg, but it is a beautiful section.

I divided it into 4 pieces and arranged it on the dish. It is a level that I can not imagine having made it by chance at the range if it looks only.

When I eat a bite, the feeling of sweetness is just right. It is healthy because it does not use any oil. Since you can adjust the taste yourself, if you try making it several times and finding your favorite seasoning OK. Since it was completed five minutes after the start of cooking, it seems that it can be used in various situations, such as when there is no time, when you want another piece of side dishes, or when there are not enough side dishes for lunch.

"Easy at Range! Dashi-rolled egg" is on sale at The Daiso throughout the country. Because it is only 100 yen, people who are interested may try buying it on trial.

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