I tried using "chicken mortice cutlet seasoning without frying" that can make crispy juicy chicken cutlet just by grinding powder and baking

When making fried dishes at home, it is troublesome to prepare and tidy up frying oil, or you are concerned about the calories of oil that has soaked plenty of ingredients, but you can make crispy chicken cuts with just two tablespoon of oil Higashimaru's "Chicken breast without fried seasoning seasoning"is. I actually tried to make sure how easy it is to finish chicken cutlets.

Chicken breast without fried seasoning seasoning | Household product information | [Higashima Soy Sauce]

"Chicken breasted cutlet seasoning without frying" is in a box with a picture of chicken cutlets deep-fried in crispy.

Materials such as wheat flour, eggs, bread crumbs, and other ingredients necessary for frying are unnecessary at all.

On the back side of the box is written how to make with illustration. It is said that chicken cutlets will be completed in about 6 minutes in total with three steps: "1: dazzling / shaking" "2: getting well" "3: baking (low fire)".

Calorie is 52 kcal per 15 g of bag.

Raw materials include bread crumbs, powdered mayonnaise flavor seasonings, salt, egg processed products, powdered vinegar, powdered soy sauce and so on.

As soon as opening from the opening, it was written that "There is a way to make salmonfly on the bottom" where you opened the lid, so if you look at the bottom of the box ......

It was written how to make salmonfly applying "chicken mortar cutlet seasoning without frying".

There are three small pouches in the box.

It is safe because the way of making is written on the back of the sachet.

When opening the bag, it contains a fox-colored powder, and a rich aroma like Mayonnaise drifts.

The only necessary material is chicken breast meat, prepare 1/2 chicken breast meat (about 150 g) per seasoning bag.

In preparation for cutting, chicken breast meat is cut into quarters, but we cut it obliquely so that the meat is about 1 cm thick.

Put the inside of the cut chicken breast meat and "Fried chicken breasted cutlet seasoning" into a plastic bag, shake the bag so that the powder sticks to the whole meat, then leave it for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, let the meat cover the powder remaining in the bag, and dip the meat from the top of the bag. Preparation of meat is completed by this alone.

Next, put 2 tablespoons of salad oil in a frying pan.

Put the chicken in when the oil warms up.

Cover the frying pan and bake for 3 minutes with a low heat.

After 3 minutes, opening the lid and flipping the chicken is like this. Completion is done after baking the back side crispy.

I baked chicken cutlet on a dish. It looks like anything comparable to ordinary chicken cutlets made by frying with oil.

When cutting it in half, the clothes were finished crisply and fragrantly, and the chicken inside was thinly sliced, so the fire got through the center firmly.

If you try pinching a piece of meat, you can enjoy the texture of crispy crunchy fried oil because the whole meat is wrapped with fine breadcrumbs. In the meat, the taste of soy sauce is stained firmly, overflowing with juicy juice chewing bitterness. It was finished to the level that it seems to believe exactly as it was said "When chicken cutlets deep fried with oil prepared by preparing with eggs or bread crumbs".

If you make it in large quantities at once, it also becomes the leading role of dinner, even if it gets cold it did not damage the juicy texture, it was perfect for a side dish for lunch.

In addition, "Chicken mortice cutlet seasoning without frying" contains 3 small bags in one box, 151 yen including tax.

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