Tasting "Pork without baking" tasting review that can be made simply by choking pork and onion in range

Baked pork is a menu that you can eat deliciously as a rice dish or side dish as a drink, but it will take time and effort to make it at home, so you will not eat it too frequently. However,"Baked sweet seasoning without baking"It is said that you can make baked pigs easily by cooking with the range without using fire, so I actually tried to make baked pigs without" baking ".

Seasoning for homemade microwave oven "Baked Pork Seasoning" | Household Product Information | Higashima Soy Sauce

Package printed pictures of delicious baked pigs.

Several kinds of seasonings are used for raw materials.

The calorie only for seasoning is 69 kcal, since the material pork loose meat 200 g is about 750 kcal, it is about 820 kcal in total.

Cooking procedures are printed on the back of the package.

First onions 1/2 onion, pork belly block meat or pig shoulder loose block meat, prepared baked pigs without heat and heat resistant balls.

Slice the onion into slices.

Put a sliced ​​onion in a heat resistant ball and put pig meat block with meat side up on it.

Open the baked pig's element from the box without baking.

When opening the box there were 3 sacks of element in it. Since we use one bag per 200 g, this time we will use only one bag out of three.

When opening the pack it smelled like a cup ramen instead of baked pigs somehow.

I will apply this ingredient on the pork belly block meat.

When you finish plotting, I will lap while leaving a gap of 1 cm at the end of the ball so that the steam escapes.

Heat with the range. Approximate heating time is 10 minutes at 500 w, 8 minutes 20 seconds at 600 w.

Set the microwave oven and start heating.

When heated, sweet scent of baked pigs drifted before opening the microwave oven.

Take it out of range and set it for about 5 minutes.

Though it is not baked, terry looks pretty good.

I cut the meat after about 5 minutes. Care is necessary because the meat is still hot.

It looks as big as a baked pig as it sells at a shop.

The onion also has a firm fever.

Serve onions and sauces on the plate ......

Complete if you also serve baked pigs.

There is teri and it looks delicious. I will eat it at once.

Unlike boiled pork, there was not much moisture in the meat, because of the use of domestic pork, lean parts and fat were very juicy and plump and elastic. The taste part is slightly Chinese style sweet soy sauce taste and it is very close to the taste of baked pigs which are sold at shops. Where you want greed you want the flavor of ginger.

By saying "This is the only way to match with white rice!", You will get baked pigs along with cooked rice.

Sweet soy sauce Needless to say excellent compatibility with rice. Pork loin is slightly greasy so it seems to be compatible with beer.

Because the cooking time is short, the onions do not soak up the taste, it becomes a little chopstick breakage of a little heavy seasoning.

Although there is an impression that it takes time and labor to say baked pigs, if you use "baked without grill" you can easily make it without doing it for half an hour, so it is perfect for accompanying dinner when you want to add one item for dinner. The price is 179 yen including tax and 3 bags containing 200 g of pork can be cooked.

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