I tried using "boiled mackerel seasoning" which completes boiling of mackerel by merely two minutes and half in the range

Thankfully to those who want to save as much time and effort as possible for cooking, Higashimaru who can make short-range dishes using a microwave ovenRange seasoningIt is a series."Braised pork and pumpkin with mushroom"Ya"Teriyaki grilled teriyaki" "Salted butter soy sauce"In addition to "Boiled mackerel condimentSince it appeared, I actually tried to see if you can really cook mackerel with just heating in a microwave oven.

Boiled mackerel seasoning | 【Higashima Soy Sauce】

This package of boiled mackerel seasoning is like this.

It is said that boiling will be completed just by warming it for two and a half minutes with a 600 W microwave oven.

On the back of the box is written how to cook mackerel. Easy specification that only "mackerel fillet" is prepared. Also, it can be used for other fish such as saury and sardines.

Raw materials include sugar, powdered soy sauce, salt, powder ginger, powdered vinegar etc.

The calorie is 75 kcal per bag 22 g.

There were three sachets in the box. You can cook a mackerel in one bag.

It is safe because the way of making is written on the back of the sachet.

Boiled mackerel seasoning powder is like this.

I will make cooking as soon as possible. First of all, put a mackerel fillet in a deep heat-resistant container for microwave oven ......

Coat the mackerel seasoning on the surface of the mackerel.

Turn over the fillet of mackerel and sprinkle evenly on the other side.

Once you put all the powder of one bag, transfer the mackerel once to another plate.

Add 2 tablespoons of water to the powder remaining in the heat-resistant container.

Mix well so that the powder dissolves in water.

Then return the mackerel to the heat-resistant container. The powder on the surface of the mackerel will soak up the moisture and melt, so you can just put yourself on the container without putting the melted liquid on the mackerel.

Wrap it around and fold the end about 5 mm.

Then just heat it in a microwave oven at 600 W · 2½ minutes.

When you take out from the microwave oven after heating, like this, the fragrance of soy sauce is gentle. It is the ginger powder which floats on the surface of mackerel.

When turned inside out, the seasoning liquid stuck firmly on the back. It is a pleasant thing that my body does not collapse because of microwave cooking.

When I tried to break my body with chopsticks, it seemed that seasoning liquid did not permeate to the center as expected, but the heat seemed to pass through firmly.

When eating, it has a sweet taste of cooked properly, and the sauce is a level with a somewhat tasteful eyes as a side dish for dinner. Even when you do not have time, you can eat rice well and clean up again so it seems handy.

In addition, the price of boiled mackerel seasoning is 170 yen per box (excluding tax).

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