I made chicken with salt koji and just chin in the range, "Soft Chinese chicken with chicken breast meat" etc

In general chicken meat is juicy, meat is crispy texture, but it is inexpensive and available than thigh meat. Marukome's cooked goods that can be eaten softly with salt koji and sauce like such meat,Soft Chinese chicken meat soft Chinese chickenAnd just bake in a frying pan "Soft saute of chicken breast"is. It was said that even meat meat can be tasted soft and moisturized by soaking in salt koji, so I actually bought it and made it.

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"Soft Chinese chicken steamed chicken with chicken breast chicken" "Soft saute of chicken breast meat" package looks like this. It seems to be Marukome's product and has miso soup.

In addition to salt koji, raw softwood steamed chicken raw materials include Chinese-style seasoned items such as garlic, sesame oil, ginger powder, chicken roe soup.

Soft cooked chicken can be cooked in two easy steps: "soak in salt koji" and "lean with tongue".

Try opening the package ......

Inside are salt koji, tangle and clam miso soup, two each.

The material looks something like this. The basic ingredient is only 150g of chicken breast meat per serving, and further adding delicious vegetables etc. makes it even more delicious. First of all, we will make it from a Chinese steamed chick that can be easily cooked in a microwave oven.

150 g chicken breast meat is used with leather. Open with a hole in the skin with a fork or the like. In addition, chicken meat can be cooked even with thigh meat.

Next, put salt koji on meat ......

I will paint evenly on the front and back.

Leave the chicken as it is at room temperature for 30 minutes or more. There is also a hand to keep it overnight from the previous day.

While pickling for 30 minutes, cut the paprika as thickly sliced ​​vegetables as garnish ... ...

For warming up later, we will put a lap on a plate with a moisashi.

After pickling chicken in 30 minutes, transfer the chicken skin to the heat resistant container with the skin down.

Wrap it as it is and heat it for 2 minutes with a microwave oven from 500 W to 600 W.

After 2 minutes turn over the skin so that it is on the top ... ...

Wrap again and heat for 1 minute. If fire does not pass through to inside, additional heating for 10 seconds is OK.

When finished, we made "Chicken steamed chicken tangle" for chicken for seasoning.

Simply steam for 30 seconds after wrapping and steaming chicken is completed.

Warm vegetables cut during steaming in the microwave oven until the fire passes.

Sliced ​​the steamed chicken in a size easy to eat ......

It is like this when it is served on a plate. I do not think it was very cooked in a microwave oven.

If you prepare the included miso soup and white rice which you just cooked, it is a perfect dinner.

As soon as you eat it, the steamed chicken seasoned with a Chinese-like chicken-based flavor is so moist that you can not believe meat, and you do not feel any sense of passion. Even just picking it for 30 minutes makes this power, so if you immerse it overnight from the previous day, it will be even more soft meat on the next day and it is also attractive to be cooked for about 5 minutes.

For vegetables with a bitter texture, sauce often get tangled and it becomes a good chopstick breakage.

Even though it cooks in microwave, chicken has become quite steamed chickenish texture. With seasoning of slightly garlic sauce, when eating with rice, chopsticks will not stop.

Next, we will make "soft soy sauce of chicken meat" cookable in a frying pan. The contents are the same as Chinese chicken steamed chick except sauce.

In addition to salt koji, garlic and onion extract powder, black pepper and others are used as raw materials for soft saute.

First of all, 150 g of chicken breast meat is painted similarly with salt koji. Soft saute does not need to pierce the skin.

Meanwhile cut it into a size easy to eat balls and eggs as garnish with vegetables.

After 30 minutes, pull olive oil (if not salad oil) into a frying pan heated with a low heat ... ...

Pour chicken skin down into a frying pan! I am burning with a good sound.

Because salt koji is easy to scorch attention to firepower is necessary. Turn over the baked leather ....

Simultaneously cut vegetables into frying pan.

Leave the lid as it is and thoroughly fire through. Depending on the thickness of your body, it will bake in about 10 minutes.

When the fire passes through the inside, apply sauce and boil down a little to finish the soft saute.

I sliced ​​the chicken and served it.

The skin is shiny and has a crisp texture. It is not a general sweet teriyaki taste, it is seasoned with a salt-based base.

The vegetables were heated thoroughly and sweetness was strongly emerging, and it is involved with a firm tie so that rice can be eaten only by this.

Because soft saute was baked and oil was drained, I felt a bit with a pasa, but I felt like a meat meat moist enough to feel a moist feeling.

"Soft Chinese style steamed chicken of chicken breast meat" and "soft soy sauce of chicken breast meat" in the masterpiece of Malachome meat, by soaking it in salt koji, although cooked commodity which can eat flesh fairly softly It is becoming. Since miso soup is also attached, if you keep one bag, you can easily prepare a set meal simply by buying chicken at any time.

In addition, on the following website, you can purchase 2 bottles in 1 bag from 148 yen (tax included) at 152 yen (including tax), and also sell it at supermarkets and so on.

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