You can easily make juicy chicken wings with a spicy flower pepper in a range ``A little flower pepper wings in a range'' tasting review

Higashimaru introduces ' A little flower pepper wing with a range' that makes it possible to easily make chicken spicy chicken wings with a range of pepper and pepper. When you try to bake meat as a side dish, it's difficult to wash the frying pan covered with oil... but it's a cumbersome dish, but you can make 'a little flower wing with a microwave oven' with a plastic bag, a microwave oven and a plate. By making it, I actually made and confirmed how easy it was.

In the microwave, a little flower pepper wings seasoning|[Higasimaru soy sauce]

'A little flower pepper wing with a microwave oven' is a seasoning for microwave ovens that appeared in series such as 'A little elephant thin ' and 'A little bowl' that you can easily cook with a little effort.

The spicy and spicy spiciness is used in the

flower pepper, and the flower pepper wings are recommended as a side dish for snacks and bento.

There were 2 bags of seasoning inside.

The raw materials are powdered soy sauce and peppers behind the pepper. Garlic was also included.

The calorie is 16 kcal per bag.

The back of the package had instructions on how to make 'Chicken wing,' so I made it right away.

◆ I made it
Chicken wings prepared for 1-2 people will have 6-7 chicken wings (about 130 g), 1 bag of 'a little flowered chicken wings in the microwave' seasoning, and 1 plastic bag.

First of all, put 6 chicken wings and 1 bag of seasoning together in a plastic bag.

The seasoning color is light brown, probably because it contains powdered soy sauce. The scent of Japanese pepper that floats in your nose floats throughout the room.

Evenly sprinkle with seasonings……

Arrange the wings in a bakeware so that they do not overlap.


To the range.

Set the output to 600W and heat for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Completed in no time. Even including the time to sprinkle the seasoning with a plastic bag, it didn't take 10 minutes.

Feeling that the seasoning is spread throughout the wings.

If you want to relieve the greasiness, it is better to transfer it to another plate, because the wings' oil will accumulate a little on the plate.

When you eat it, the spicy spiciness of pepper and pepper will spread from the moment you put it in your mouth. The meat is dry and juicy. There is no spiciness such as tongue numbness or swelling around the mouth, and pepper is more spicy than flower pepper, so it may be a little unsatisfactory for people who like 'the spiciness of flower pepper!'. However, the juicy chicken wings seasoned with soy sauce are good for rice and sake, so it's convenient to quickly make when you want another dish or a snack for dinner.

Sometimes it is completed in a short time, the taste does not penetrate into the center of the meat, only the seasoning on the surface sprinkled with seasoning is rich. The mid-sized wings emphasized the light taste of chicken, and the smaller wings became able to enjoy the richer taste.

You can purchase 'A little flower wing with microwave' at supermarkets nationwide, and the price is 140 yen (tax excluded).

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