I ate chicken noodles yakisoba "roasted chicken"

I made chicken noodles yakisoba "chicken chicken" which was to be sold on July 17th. Although it is "ramen", it is a food I do not understand simply by asking "yakisoba", but what on earth is it?

Details are as below.
The contents of ordinary chicken noodles (left) and roasted chicken (right) are almost the same. There is also a dog in egg pocket.

Start cooking. Prepare a melting egg.

Put the sesame oil in a hot skillet and make a scrambled egg.

After adding 230 ml of water, boil, add the roasted chicken. Turn over after 1 minute.

When becoming soft, stir-fry until the water runs out while unraveling the noodles.

Completion sounds like burning when it comes to chill. Serve it on the dish.

A group photo with ordinary chicken noodles.

When I ate it, I felt like a chicken noodle with no soup, but when compared with ordinary chicken noodles, the taste is deep, I like the taste of sauce like the fried noodles. Also, because the strength of the noodles is strong and there is a chewy response, if you eat chicken noodles after eating baked chicken you will feel unsatisfactory. If you do not put eggs and ingredients, it seems to be good for those who are troublesome because they can be cooked easily with heating equipment, water and a frying pan.

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