I ate "chicken ramen bowl cheese curry taste" that flavored chicken ramen with curry flavor and plenty of flour cheese

According to Nissin, chicken ramen's "Original hen chicken soup" and "curry taste" have good compatibility and have gained tremendous popularity every time a curry-flavored chicken noodle has appeared. Such a chicken ramen curry taste, plus the powder cheese "Chicken noodles bowl cheese curry flavor"Has appeared on June 4, 2018 (Monday). I bought and eat cup noodles with no doubt that it is a compatibility preference for chicken ramen, curry and cheese, and what kind of taste it will be.

"Chicken ramen bowl cheese curry taste" (released on June 4) | Nissin Food Group

Chicken ramen bowl cheese curry flavor | Nissin Food Group

This is "chicken ramen bowl cheese curry taste" (194 yen including tax). The curry flavor of Chicken Ramen has appeared several times so far,Curry Chicken RamenAnd of cup noodlesChicken Ramen Big Cup Summer + Plus CurryThere was. Cheese is added in "Chicken ramen bowl cheese curry taste" in such a combination of chicken ramen and curry.

Contents amount is 91 g, raw material is normalChicken noodles bowl"Cheese powder" "curry powder" "beef extract" not included in the soup of the soup, it is clearly found that "fried potato" "cabbage" "carrot" is included.

Heat quantity per meal is 407 kcal.

Peel off the lid and take out the separate "powder soup" and "powdered cheese".

Take out the attached powder soup and powdered cheese and you will find chicken noodles and a scent of soy sauce-based roasted soy sauce flavored "original chicken glass fiber". As raw materials, "French fries", "cabbage" and "carrot" were described as mushrooms, but it was not possible to confirm whether they hid under the noodles.

Next, while turning the lid halfway, put "powder soup".

"Powdered soup" looks like curry powder, but besides curry spice, the smell of cheese strongly insists. "Chicken ramen bowl cheese curry taste" seems to include cheese not only in powdered cheese but also in soup.

When "Powdered soup" is put, please put in 410 ml of hot water to the inside line of the cup and wait for 3 minutes.

At this time it is not necessary to warm the attached cheese powder on the lid like other cup noodles. Add powdered cheese just before eating.

After 3 minutes, stir well.

When mixed, quickly "French fries", "cabbage" and "carrot" appeared.

When mixing is finished, put cheese flour.

"Chicken ramen bowl cheese curry taste" has been completed. The scent of curry spice enhances appetite. The fragrance of cheese was also made from the powder soup, but the flavor of cheese became stronger with addition of flour cheese.

Soup is mild curry taste. With the scent of curry spice, appetite has increased, and chicken ramen's original chicken glasspoule is stimulated with spices and richness of cheese. The spice smells, but thanks to cheese or richness, there is not much spicy left on my tongue. I do not feel much acidity of cheese so I finished it very easy to eat.

Noodles are chicken noodles in chicken noodles. Taste the curry taste soup is often involved. With soft noodles, I was eaten with slippery.

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