I tried 'Nissin Chicken Ramen Bowl Plus Vegetable Curry'

Since I was able to buy "Nissin Chicken Ramen Bowl Bowl and Vegetable Curry" which was newly released nationwide at a suggested retail price of 155 yen from August 20 (Monday), I tried it at once. Even before "Chicken noodles plus curry"There is something the curry-flavored chicken ramen came out, but what kind of taste this thing is all about?

Details are as below.
There is no pouch, just like ordinary chicken ramen just put a hot water.

When you open the lid there are doubtful grudges inside.

Wait for 3 minutes after putting hot water.


When I ate it quickly, the curry taste was not so strong, and it seemed that it gave a light curry flavor to the taste of chicken noodles. The soup is not feeling like a cup noodle curry taste, it is refreshing smoothly. Vegetables that are not included in ordinary chicken noodles have also been accented with a sharp texture that is shakiyaki and finished in a taste refreshed in curry flavored ramen. Even if this vegetable is put in ordinary chicken noodles it looks delicious. However, it may be unsatisfactory for those who expect intense curry taste.

For details of the product, please see the following.

- Tasty, vegetable-rich curry flavor - bowl-shaped Chinese cup noodle
Information on the launch of "Nissin Chicken Ramen Donburi Plus Vegetable Curry"

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