I tried to make 10 curries of curry chicken noodles and generous wind chicken noodles at once

Nissin has released "Curry Chicken Ramen" and "Taikou Wind Chicken Ramen" as new products of Chicken Ramen. I bought it immediately and tried making it all. As expected there are too many 10 meals ....

Details are as follows.
- New taste emerges from chicken noodles! -
Instant bag Men "Nissin Curry Chicken Ramen 5 Food Pack" "Nissin Kotoba Wind Chicken Ramen 5 Food Pack" Limited Release

Five-meal pack. It is quantity limited.

How to make curry chicken noodles.

How to make rice ball chicken ramen. I will put a liquid soup later.

The way of making is written on the back of each individual bag.

This is the main contents of the wind. Noodles and post-fill liquid soup.

Here is the contents of curry chicken ramen. Noodle and powder soup.

I arranged ten pieces.

I try to put eggs only half.

Curry put the powder soup before pouring hot water.

Pour hot water without soup as it is.

Pour the hot water and cover with lap etc. and wait for 3 minutes.

Pour hot water and wait ....

After 3 minutes, put the liquid soup afterwards in a generous way.

Mix and mix.

Curry is finished when you take the lid.

Ten complete food.

Firstly, the curry chicken noodles have the taste of "Chicken noodles have become curry taste". The soup was pretty crispy curry taste, not so much matched with the taste of the soup. If I get tired of ordinary chicken ramen, I do not think it would be nice to eat, but it does not bother to take this bother.

I was wondering whether the rice cooking chicken ramen is also subtle, but this one was made from cold noodles using chicken ramen noodles. It's a spicy spicy, it is a bit different from chicken noodles I have ever had. It might be that there was a difference as the soup was postponed.

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