Two step thermonuclear experiment, code name "Canopus Canopus"

CanopusWhen it is said, it tends to think that it is a company mainly dealing with peripheral equipment of various kinds of graphics-related PCs, but there are things called "canopus" also in the nuclear test which was done once, the photograph at that time very much It is shocking.

The enlarged imageCreative Commons LicenseIt can be downloaded from the following.
Flickr Photo Download: Canopus

This nuclear test was conducted by FranceWhangatuu AtollThe size of the nuclear explosion was 2.6 megatons. The image above was taken by a person who was in the French army,Pierre J.Although he seems to have scanned beautifully, such as by deleting noise etc. .... There is a weapon of such level being on the earth ... ....

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