Not Okonomiyaki, Meisei "Tsukishima Monjayaki Soba" Tasting Review

Previously NissinYaki soba noodles with toppings okonomiyakiAlthough I had released something, this product is a rare Manganese style fried soba. Because I do not have the opportunity to eat the monkey as much as to say that I live in Osaka, I bought what I was feeling exactly.

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Tsukishima Monza firefly buckwheat

raw materials.

One meal 508 kcal.

How to make it.

Late afterthought and sauce.

Pour hot water and wait 3 minutes.

did it. It's just baked soba because it is "Monja-style".

Put the sauce on.

Mix and sprinkle it and finish it.

It is different from ordinary sauce taste-raised soba, but its flavor is different. It is a bit of a taste of a seafood extract, because it is making a squid flavor and a fish soup stock. Shrimp's flaky crisp texture is accented and there are quite a lot of food response. Is Monja like this taste?

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