Nissin Yaki soba UFO "Mentaiko Mayo Yakisoba" "Seafood Yakisoba" New Release

From Monday, March 19, "Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O. Mentaiko Mayo Yakisoba" and "Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O. Seafood Yakisoba" are said to be released nationwide. "Nissini yaki soba U.F.O. mentaiko Mayo yakisoba"I also covered it in GIGAZINE previously"Nissin-yaki soba U.F.O. Mentaiko Mayonnaise" was renewed.

By the way, "seafood fried soba" seems to become soba noodles of a new cut that is different from meat-based ooda taste so far.

Details are as follows.
-U.F.O. New menu entering the ranks -
Dish-shaped cup-soaked soba
1. Renewal "Nissin Yaki Soba U.F.O. Mentaiko Mayo Yakisoba"
2. New release "Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O. Seafood fried noodle"
Information on sale

According to this release, each feature is as follows.

"Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O. Mentaiko Mayo fried soba"
Noodles: The entanglement with the sauce has further improved, seasoned eating response is thick.
Source: Roasted fragrant scent, rich source with sauce and sourness of sauce and pork, spicy sense.
Ingredient: Plenty of large cut cabbage, Mentaiko sprinkle, Mentaiko flavored mayonnaise.

"Nissin-yaki soba U.F.O. seafood fried noodles"
: Salsame sauce often entangled with sour.
Source: Seasoned with Pepper, Ginger, Onion, based on Tonkotsu and clam extract, taste sauce.
Ingredient: Squid, crab flavor kamaboko, scrambled egg, large cut cabbage.

When I am looking at ingredients for seafood fried noodles, I remember seafood noodles somehow.

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