Sodomi & Omoride Cup Yakisoba "Nissin Okonomiyaki Soba"

It seems that it is not such a thing if I think whether it is a mix of okonomiyaki and yakisoba. It is released nationwide from Monday, June 26.
Strong chewy and eating response "thick noodles & large onions" cup-fried soba

(1) Men
There is a firm chewy Koshi and a sword, a sweet sauce often tastes a thick fly which has eaten response not ever seen.
(2) Source
A sweet sauce of the Kansai style with a scent of red ginger and burned cabbage drifts as your favorite grilled wind sauce.
(3) finish
You can enjoy custom made mayonnaise, dried bonito, green seaweed of your choice to your liking.

That's why the taste is yakisoba with okonomiyaki style.

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