Meisei "Udon Udon" was loose and healed

From July 23, I bought a newly released Akashi food "Yu Udon" at a convenience store. I can not imagine the contents of the product from the name, but it seems to be udon of soothing healing system. I do not understand well, but I tried healing.

Details are as follows.
Contents are quick, after all, 3 bags of powder soup.

Put powder soup quickly and wait for 5 minutes.

I usually give it as okra.

Afterwards Konbu, kelp, Daikon Oroshi, shredded green onions, red pepper.

If you do make it.

Speaking of cup udon, there are many breads of raw type or instant flat beans, but this is a type with narrowness and elasticity. Soup is a salty taste with mushrooms, a little thickened. The cup of coffee has many strong taste, but it is quite gentle taste. The ingredient okra was a bit somewhat disappointing but it seemed like the stomach relaxed somehow. The catch phrase loose healing udon seems not to be a lie. Is it good for when you are tired of a slightly strong taste?

The page of Akashi is below.

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