Sushi and "Tororo kelp udon clearly plum tailored" are excellent compatibility with roe and plum

Since I bought "Sushiro Kombu Udon Crispy Plum Tailoring" which was released on April 23rd, I started eating it. As expected there is only a longevity, and it is quite satisfactory finish. By the way it seems to be renewal of the product released in 2006.

Details are as follows.
The contents are two kinds of udon and soup noodles.

Put the udon noodles in hot water, loosen with hot water, throw the hot water.

Quickly enter soup ingredients.

Pour hot water and wait one minute.


I mixed it gently.

Udon is not that fat, but there is a firm Kosi. Since it is mainly main ingredient of konbu, it does not look so much, but compatibility with soup and noodles is perfect. The flavor of the plum makes the taste of the kelp stand out. I feel like I'm being appealed by hoji - tea, but I am not that strong in front of you. I have not found a bad point, it seems to be spring like a product that is gentle to the stomach.

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