The noodles of "Melt lamb noodles with delicious vegetables delicious" were truly amazing

I tried 'New Touch' s noodle fried vegetables delicious miso ramen which was sold at a suggested retail price of 200 yen on April 16th. It seems that you are actually using vegetables fried in a hot pot like a full-fledged Miso Ramen, but is there any difference?

Details are as below.
Atmosphere different from ordinary cup noodles is different from dry noodles.

Finally take out the soup afterwards.

Dried fry fried vegetables quickly.

Pour boiling water and wait for 5 minutes.

I opened the lid.

Feed liquid soup.

Completion after mixing.

It is the most frying vegetables, but the taste seems not to be much different from that of other cup noodles. Is it because it puts it in first and returns it with hot water? And the noodles are crispy and crispy and resiliently chewy, with a crisp noodle feeling. As expected it is just a great noodle. Miso soup is tasty and it is slightly hot. Because the volume of vegetables is tapri, it is good spicy and well-balanced soup, and has eaten response.

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