I tried "Nisshin Kitapato GooTa Heavy Loading Ceremony"

The other day, released on August 14 (Monday) "Nisshin Fudan GooTa Heavy Duty CarrierI have bought it because I found Maharan Tamen. Because it is a long time new work GooTa it is expected big.
First open the lid halfway and take out the fixture inside. A lot of it is included.

First of all, I will spill momentarily. It's quite big. This is like a rose.

While waiting for 4 minutes by pouring hot water, I will keep the rest of the soup and other items like this and warm it up

Four minutes passed, I opened the lid

Fill a terrace and liquid soup


Finally it is completed with putting ingredients.

This is not painful at all. Put the powder of the attached pepper and adjust the hotness. Therefore, it is possible to make non - spicy bean noodles. This is a nice feeling. You can make it a strange taste that leaves only the umami of the tomato noodles. It is also recommended for people who do not like hardships. Although the volume of the ingredient is not enough, it is the perfection degree of the taste which is supplemented by it.

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